Wednesday, June 12, 2013


On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, I started my mission papers.  Hoorayyyy! I got my TB test done and a few shots and later that night I met with my bishop to begin the process.  The next 72 hours were crazy busy.  Between keeping up in my schooling, work, and doctors appointments, dentist appointments, paperwork for my mission, and meeting with the bishop again when I had finished it all I was feeling pretty stressed.  By Sunday evening I had completed my papers and only needed my final interview with the Stake President.  My mission papers were submitted on April 3, 2013 exactly one week after I started them.
[I had to hurry as I was hoping to get my call in time to go through the temple with my sister before her wedding and then hopefully attend the sealing ceremony, but my August 1 availability date made it so I couldn't turn in my papers until April 3 (exactly 120 days before).  It was gonna be really close!]

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