Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All About Argentina

As anyone who has ever received a mission call knows, after you open your call it's nearly impossible to stop thinking about it.  I was no exception.  For the next 72 hours I thought of nothing but Argentina and my mission. I spent hours looking at anything and everything I could find about Comodoro in my mission packet and on the internet.

The Comodoro Rivadavia Mission is a new mission opening on July 1 of this year.  It covers the very southern tip of Argentina. In fact, the first thing my brother, Matthew, said when I opened my call was, "Are there penguins??" As it turns out, there are penguins in southern Argentina!

My Mission President and his wife are from Lindon.  Their names are President and Sister Rogers.  He was a former Stake President and some of my friends know him!! I've only heard great things about him.

Argentina is not your typical South American country.  It is very European. In fact, most of the population isn't even Hispanic.  They eat lots of beef and pork with lots and lots of Italian food.  The population in Argentina is over 90% christian, Catholicism being the most predominant religion.  And the weather? Well, it gets pretty cold.  Here's a snippet of an email sent from a missionary who served in the area I'm headed to:

"You'll be cold...take your most frigid day and drop a bucket of ice down its pants, and even then you won't know what the cold down there is like.  You'll be serving in one of the few missions in the world where sleeping bags are an absolute necessity.  You'll be so cold that showering is not only unnecessary, but avoided at all costs.  You can see the ice forming on your skin before you can dry yourself off.  You'll be cold from fall to spring.  There is NO WHERE to go to get warm...central heating is nonexistent.  You will get cold and you will stay cold.  It will hurt to breathe, and you'll learn that it is totally possible to conduct a productive companionship study while cocooned in sleeping bags. There was nothing in my experience to prepare me for the cold of an Argentine winter."  YIKES!

I LOVE learning about Argentina!

President and Sister Rogers

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