Monday, October 27, 2014

...transfers...CHAN! oh...and Halloween. Weird...I was in Argentina for that last year too.

Querida Family,

So...Happy Halloween this week! I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. Today is another holiday in Argentina...but this time it's only for the province...every day is a holiday in Argentina. Bless their crazy hearts. Luckily the ciber is still open or we would be writing later today. Apparently though at 3:00PM a member is coming to teach us self-defense. Cool? We'll see...I'm sure I'll have some good stories for next week though.

This week was...normal. Haha. We had 4 lessons with member. That almost never happens here. The rotary is generally "too far away" for the members especially if they don't have cars...I'll be completely honest when I say I don't have much sympathy when they give me that excuse. Oh...yesterday the branch president sent me a text asking if I could give a talk in sacrament meeting about the importance of taking the sacrament. I guess someone canceled on him last I prepared an 8 minute talk in about 20 went really well. God loves his missionaries...I never would have been able to do that before the mission...even less in a foreign language!

We had zone conference this week. It was really good. I always learn a lot from my zone leaders. I have two really good ones:) We ate lunch outside... my idea! I think it's called shepherd's pie in know that thing with mashed potatoes and meat and hard-boiled eggs and cheese? pastel de papas se llama en español. I don't know maybe it doesn't exist in the states...don't really remember...I don't remember anything we eat at home besides french toast and peanut butter.

Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit the friend of a member. I really don't like argentine hospitals...probably not normal ones either...but I get a weird feeling inside when I'm there...luckily this hospital wasn't nearlly as sketchy as the one in Rawson where Elder Verges was. Still, I was very happy to be leaving!

I'm leaving from Caleta this transfer...I think. My guess is Comodoro...we'll see. I'm loving the sun in Caleta and getting a nice tan...hahaha. But really... my feet already look like they did when I left rawson in february...puuucha. Oh...and this morning my companion cut my was necessary. The wind here DESTROYS the ends. It's depressing.

Well...that's all I've got. Have a good week! I love you all! The church is true!!:) I finished the Book of Mormon this week again and started 1 Nephi the same morning...I love the scriptures! They're filled with amazing promises, blessings, and guidelines...look for them as you read and then learn to apply them!! :) For example...the very last verse of Alma 33 is one of my personal favorites that I've discovered in the mission:)

Well, bye.

Hermana Heath

Monday, October 20, 2014

400 days!

Hola Familia,

This week was really long and I don't really have much to tell so it'll probably be a short email. I didn't read most of yours either so I'll print them off for later.

This week on Friday we had zone conference with President Rogers. It was really good. He talked about how we can improve our teaching skills. He also told us that an apostle is coming to the mission on november 11th. He's not allowed to tell us who yet...any guesses? After the conference we went to get ice cream with just the hermanas and hermana rogers...we didn't tell president or the elders...anyway...that was good times. Hermana paid for all of us too. She's the best. Oh...and fun fact...she's really into's pretty funny.

On saturday we had an asado at the church for mothers day. lots of meat. it was fun. they even rented a blow up jump house for the kids to keep them distracted all day. It was a fun afternoon...we were in the church like all weekend. on sunday we ate leftover asado in chapel with all the missionaries.

oh...and fun fact of last week? on monday night I showered...then the water got cut and i didn't get to shower again until thursday night. it was a long week. I can't believe it's already week five of the transfer. I've been a missionary for more than 400 days now...sometimes it feels like I've been doing it way longer than that...and sometimes I feel like I just started. the mission is weird that way.

Well..that's all I've got. Oh...except that last week Mariela and Agustina got to see Hermana Hundley in Puerto Madryn last week. They spent almost the whole day with her. Hermana Heath is super jealous here in Caleta Olivia.

Have a great week! The church is true! I love you all!

Hermana Heath

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day?!

Querida Familia,

First's a shout out to my amazing mother! Happy Argentine Mother's Day!! As I've mentioned before...Argentines are CRAZY! of them one day must have decided that Mother's day should be celebrated in October rather than there you have it friends...this Sunday (Oct 19) is Mother's day in Argentina! Thanks mom for being the best mom ever! Thanks for always loving me and supporting me especially now in the mission! It means the world to me. I can always feel your love and prayers. Have a GREAT day! :) You should probably eat some cake...I definitely will be eating some!

Soo...this week I almost got blown away by the wind several times...whoever named Chicago the "windy city" clearly never visited the Patagonia. Nada que ver. The wind was sooo strong. It stopped us in our tracks several times.. which happened in Rio Grande too...but the difference here is that my area is pure can imagine what we look like when we get to the pension at night. Our skin is a full shade joke. Gotta love the wind:) It's been really nice outside though. I don't even have to leave with  my coat! BEST. FEELING. EVER. I feel like a new least I'm not dressed in straight black from my head to my toes all the time...less "nunn-ish" I feel like. Speaking of new...this week my shoes were not gonna give any more...I, being a lil bit stubborn, didn't want to buy new my "mom" here in Caleta, Natalia Martinez, fixed them for me. She literally sewed them. I didn't know you could do that...but she did a really good job. The guy in modern shoe totally lied when he said these shoes would last me. Not even close, bro...pero bueno ya fue! :) They're super comfy so that's good.

Can you believe I turned 13 months old in the mission this week? I sure can't. OH! And get this...two youth from my branch here are gonna be in Utah visiting their brother who is studying at LDS business college in February and other'll get to meet them! They're AWEOME! We always eat lunch with their family...Aldana(19) and Martin(17)..such capos. I'm super excited about that:)

This week we visited a little old lady in my branch...Margarita Martinez. It was the first time I ever went to her house since she doesn't live in our area... but she invited us so we went. I'm pleased to announce that grandma homes smell the same in Argentina as they do in the states. It felt good to be home for a few minutes:)

This week we had a family night in the church. We played Jeopardy. The Elders did the questions. They did a really good job! We had a blast and we had lots of less-actives there. I love Caleta. We had a meeting with our branch president on Sunday...imagine...10 missionaries and president crammed into a tiny office space in the corner of a church in Argentina. Woah. Sometime it just hits me. I'm a MISSIONARY!

So, saddest news of the week. Elder Cardoza, a missionary from Argentina who was serving in Peru passed away this last week. He was 19 years old and had about 1 year in the mission. He was in a lesson with a family and had an aneurism? (blood clot in the brain?) I think that's what I heard, anyway. He started having convulsions and within 5 minutes passed away. He left from the district of CALETA OLIVIA. He was living in Puerto Deseado which is the smallest branch we have...20 member attendance each sunday. It's about 3 hours away on the map...right on the coast! Anyway...his family is originaly from Salta and they moved back there about 5-6 months ago. President Rogers (as the mission President at the time Elder Cardoza started the mission) had to tell the family. The family went to Peru to bring back the body. I don't really know much, but I do know that Elder Cardoza is in a really good place. I have no doubt that there is a place especially for him in the celestial kingdom. But, even still I can't imagine how hard that must be for the family and for the members in Peru...the other missionaries...his companion. No I can't even imagine. Please keep Elder Cardoza's family in your prayers:)

Well...sorry to end on a sad note...but it made me think of all the things in the world that can happen. Every single day we have here is a gift from God. It's too bad that it sometimes takes something as awful as the death of a missionary to make us realize that. I'm so thankful to know that God has a plan for us and that we can all be together forever if we live the gospel and endure to the end. What a promise! Go to church every your scriptures...pray!

I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support! Have a fantastic week! And please...I know ya'll miss me like crazy and can't wait for me to come home but would you PLEASE STOP PRAYING FOR THE TIME TO SPEED UP! I really need it to slow down!  Hahaha...not cool, friends. Not cool. Anyway...on that note. Have a great week. Mom...happy argentine mothers day. Matthew...errr Elder Heath...keep up the good work in Texas. You're doing a great job! Kim...keep "studying" hard in spanish class (in other words...keep sending me emails;) haha) and Dad...I got you a reference for the office! One of the hermanas is gonna go visit you in the office when she finishes the December! I just happened to have one of your business cards in my wallet so I gave it to her...I might be a little biased but I told her it was the best way to go:) Emily...just keep being awesome...and as for the craig-meister? GO FAINTING GOATS!! Haha:)  I love you all! Hugs and kisses from Argentina! Have a great week! Woah...I just looked at the date on the corner of my screen...October 13! I can't believe it...we're already starting week 4 of this transfer! Only 3 more weeks in Caleta Olivia :( ohhh...and one last thought...a really exciting one! Remember Maxi? That kid that got baptized in July? Welp...he wants to go on a mission. Kill me. Just kill me. He melts my heart every day of my life. He's totally gonna go on a mission. He already talked with the branch president...all he has to do is wait to get the year of member and he's gone! He even comes to mission prep classes occassionaly:) OH MY GOSH! I love the mission. I love it so much. goodbye for reals this time. Chau chau!! :)

Forever and always,

Hermana Heath

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey Fam,

Sooo...this week went by sooo fast. I'm glad to hear you're all doing good! I read all your letters and you seem happy. I'm excited to see the new dishwasher ('ll be the first one I've seen in 18 months!) ...I can wait a little longer though:)

This whole week was just really good. I'm suuuper tired but I'm kinda used to that by now. Everyday I wake up a little more tired than the last. I'm not sure how that's possible.'s confession time. This week I totally fell in love. Like HARDCORE. I was just sitting there one morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks...Captain Moroni is a STUD! I love reading the Book of Mormon. It gets better every single day! This week I finished reading the book of Alma and started Helaman...I don't really like the war chapters...but I loved reading about the kind of leader and man moroni was. Que capo. My goal is to finish the book of mormon again before the end of this transfer. I'm on track so far! How are ya'll doing with your book of mormon reading?

Umm...what else what else what else! ....let's start with Monday...we played ping-pong in the chapel and I beat one of the ward members that always comes to play with the missionaries. He's getting ready to serve a mission. His cousin, Pablo, killed me though. He cheats by making the ball know how Matthew does it? Haha...we had lots of fun though. Then we played I mean. I loved it! I'm usually the only Hermana that plays...the other ones play relief society and sit on the sidelines of them actually joke! but for reals they're awesome. I love them all! They're super great...they just don't really like sports much:)

On Tuesday we walked sooo much. Across the whole city of Caleta and back. Literally. Over an hour walking both ways. Good times. Plus it was hot outside!! That's my "love from above" :) For the last 6 months I was never comfortably warm (except for nighttime in my sleeping bag!) I love the sun! Send me moooore! I'm super excited for summerrrr. I'm starting to get a good tan...ya buddy.

On Wednesday they leaders went to Comodoro for a conference so we were in a trio with Hermana Julio. She's great! She's from Chile and she definitely talks like one:) It's always interesting to meet new latino missinoaries cause they all have such different ways of talking...I can usually guess where they're from just by hearing them talk. Hermana Julio has like 4 months in the mission so it's even easier to guess cuase she hasn't picked up the argentine accent much yet. We had a really good time together though...we're gonna be friends!! She's from Viña del know where they do the HUGE music festival every year? Cool beans. I'm gonna go visit her there someday. Later in the afternoon Elder Alvarez called me from Elder Kern's phone in Comodoro... we got to talk for a minute which was great. I was super happy to hear from him and he told me Hermana Hundley's doing really good in Puerto Madryn (apparently she's praying really hard that I get sent up there next transfer! Haha...I can't say I'm praying for the same cause I don't think that's allowed...but I'm not gonna tell her to stop and I definitely wouldn't object if that prayer get's answered!! ;) BEST COMPANION EVER!! :)

On Thursday...nothing exciting happened. Or at least if it did I dont remember. Oh wait! I caught a lizard that day!! Well...caught is a loose interpretation of the word...but we found a lizard and I picked it up!! Pictures to come...we named him Pancha:) It's a slang word they use here in Argentina that means to be relaxed or calm. Totally reminded me of all those family trips to southern utah...matthew and I would always work together to catch the would be the distractor while the other would pin it down...hahaha...good times.

On Friday we had zone conference!! Yahooo...all the missionaries came so we were 20 in total. We had an awesome zone conference (zone leaders are the BEST! Such capos! :)) and then we did a zone street boarding activity. We invited EVERYONE to general conference. Hermana Xoj Baj and I did like 78 contacts in 2 was suuuper fun! Then on Friday night President gave us permission to do a zumba class!! Hermana Xoj Baj from Guatemala taught it. IT WAS SOO FUN! It was almost like dancing...almost! Haha. All 8 of the hermanas and several ward members came. We had two hermanas staying in our pension all weekend. They just left today.

On Saturday we got up and went to general conference!! We got to go to all four sessions. I even tried switching name tags with an Elder so I could stay for Priesthood such luck. I don't know why I was so excited for general conference..I don't think I've ever been so excited for something in my life...maybe the mission is making me molly mormon or something. Who knows? We actually watched the conference in a separate room here with all the other words...we watched it in ENGLISH! For the spanish talks though we just switched the channel and listened in's annoying to hear the trasnlators when you can understand just fine:) Mom I did think about you during the cantonese talk...I had like a weird moment where it hit me that you talked like that on your mission! :) Mind-blown.

Sunday was just as great. I loved Elder Bednar's talk. I loved how that guy prayed for my FAMILY! I loved the spirit I felt...I just love conference. I love being a missionary. I love the gospel. Life is good! :)

Today we went to the coast and played basketball. It was super fun. Then we played in the pong again...Hermana Heath expected! Haha. Then we ate hamburgers for lunch...homemade!! Oh...and right now in the ciber they're playing all of Enrique Iglesias' songs...spanish and english! Hahha...sometimes I think Heavenly Father gives us little rewards like popular music in the ciber when we're doing the things we're supposed to:) Hahaha...God is good!

Hey friends...the church is true! Keep doing the little things..remember the talk about the four things we need to do? I don't remember who it was by... Elder Scott maybe? Shoot I don't have my notes! But there were four things... 1) prayer! 2) scripture study! 3) FAMILY NIGHT! 4) Go to the temple!! Ohhh...and side note...Maxi went to ALL FIVE SESSION OF CONFERENCE. What a stud. I love him soo much. I wish you could all meet him...maybe one day! :)

I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH! You're in my thoughts and prayers:)

Hermana Heath more funny story...this morning in the Anonima a gypsie tried to buy me. Not cool! We were standing in line and she turned around and started talking to us...she pulled a "do you have the time?" trick...please...I'm a missionary... I saw right through it...she proceeded to ask me where I was old I long I'm here for...where my family is right now and if there are other people that "miss me" along with lots of other things and then she just kept repeating "WOW YOUR EYES ARE SOO PRETTY!" Good times. Gotta love the gypsies! If you dont' hear from me next week I probably got kidnapped. No big deal. I'm lovin' my Argentine adventures!!

Have a great week!! I love you all!!

Hermana Heath