Monday, September 29, 2014


Mi querida familia,

¿Como les va? ¿Todo tranqui no mas? Well...this week I did read all your letters and it sounds like you're doing good. Yahooo! Quick question...where is this ISIS group from? And did the US start a war with them? The other day we walked into a house and the international news was one point during the lesson I recognized the voice of Obama coming from the TV which called my attention...I saw from the corner of my eye a bunch of bombings or something. It looked pretty freaky! Menos mal that I'm at the bottom of the world! :)

Sooo this week was like a whole transfer squished in to 7 days. It seemed like an ETERNITY! I have no idea why. Wanna hear a gross story? I must have blocked it from my memory because last week I forgot to mention that while on divisions with Hermana Zanuttini we ate lunch with Elder Kern and Elder Alvarez at a family's house...they fed us asado since Hna. Zanuttini and E' Alvarez were leaving...part of the Argentine asado is morsilla....also known as blood sausage. Because it was my first time at their house they gave me an extra large portion...everyone else at the table was jealous...I on the other hand was trying not to puke. I hate that stuff, che. It's nasty and makes me feel weird for I've never eaten that much in one setting before. Anyway...blood more reason Argentine's are CRAZY.

On the up-side...we had an awesome district meeting this week. We went around talking about each other's strengths...Elder Dunford...a brand new missionary...told me that I'm hardcore because I don't "put up with crap." he used an analogy of the dogs in Argentina....apparently I'm all bite. There are dogs that bark at you from behind the saftey of the fence...but I'm not one of those. I'm not sure what that means...but he said it was a really good thing. Huh. So friends...I'm hardcore.

Ooohhh..I did get to go to the general women's meeting. It was super good. I loved how much it talked about the temple...the members here want a temple...but they need to prepare themselves to have one! There were lots of things that I really liked and I think the members did too. I love the temple and I can't wait for them to announce one in Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia! It's probably gonna be the best day of my LIFE! :)

There was one day this week that was awful...not due to anything but the WIND. It was wind with other the end of the day we got back to the pension feeling like we had just spent the day at the sand dunes! literally. My shoes were FULL of dirt...and so was my hair...and my ears....and my clothes...and my forehead...and get this...even my TEETH. The wind here is sooo strong and it's horrible when it starts to pick up the it hurts when it hits against your legs and your face. Not cool bob scott (as my compa always says!)

Soo...I'm super excited for general conference! This friday we have zone meeting which should be really good too. My new zone leader is Elder Erickson. He's from Las Vegas and only has one transfer more than me in the mission. He's really cool...I don't know him that well yet though. It should be a good transfer here in Caleta! :)'s some weird holiday in Argentina...for the workers or something so the grocery stores are other words we're not gonna get lunch today :( eat some extra for me pleeeease! We'll probably end up buying ice cream since it's the only thing open...not that I'm gonna complain much though;)

Have a great week! Thanks for your letters. Thanks for your prayers! Thanks for your love and support! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!

Hermana Heath

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hola Familia!

I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. I took the time today to read all your emails and send you a bunch of I don't have much time! Pucha. Sounds like Emily had a good birthday, and that Kim had a good time at homecoming. That makes me happy! I thought about you all a lot this week. My week was pretty rough. I totally had a mid-mission crisis three months late! I just realized that I love being a missionary soo much. I thought about all my areas and all the incredible people that I've met...Hermana Davis and I were talking through lots of tears...and I came to the conclusion that bits and pieces of my heart are scattered all over the patagonia. That was before I also didn't know if I was going or staying. On saturday the zone leaders got the transfers...they usually tell us in the night but when we saw Elder Alvarez in the church I asked him and he told me everything. pays off to be friends with the zone leaders:) Turns out that I'm staying here in Caleta for one more transfer. I'm definitely okay with that:) I love it here! Unfortunately..Hermana Zanuttini is leaving :( She's been my best friend here in Caleta. I have no doubt that we not only knew eachother in the pre-mortal life but that we were really good friends. She's amazing. Elder Alvarez is also Puerto Madryn with Hermana Hundley. Joo..Hermana Heath didn't get invited to the party! Anyway...that's the only changes here in the ciudad de Caleta. I'm excited to keep working with my investigators here!

Umm...this week we did divisions so it was crazy all around. President Rogers and Hermana Rogers came to a baptism this weekend that the Elders had which was pretty cool. Then they stayed to give a marriage devotional. Apparently it was great. This week has been an eternity! I'm just ready to start the new transfer. I'm gonna miss my friends a lot...but that's part of the mission I suppose! It's a good thing I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Have a great week! I love you!! Sorry this was kind of a boring letter! Next week I'll try to make it better!

Hermana Heath

Argentine cemetery...:/


por las dudas that you missed the last one...

I love Argentina:)

Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't know about you...but I'm feeling 22!!

Hola Familia!

¿Como andan? Let's start with the most important part of this email....HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!'re OOOOOLD. I can't believe you're already 22...then again I'm 20. Nutso. But really...I hope you have the best birthday yet! I LOVE YOU. But funny sent me some pictures of your cake (which looked DELICIOUS by the way.) and there's one of you doing the two fingers on each hand? Well...that's really funny because a while back I picked that up and I always do it. I showed the picture to the Elder sitting next to me and he busted up laughing. It's like we're connected, ems. Haha. I loved the pictures:) I'm now craving some chocolate after having seen that cake...I think I'll go buy some right as soon as I finish writing you all!

This week was AWESOME! I love being a missionary. As you all know I hit the year mark on Thursday. I can't believe it. If you were to tell me that it was three months ago that ya'll dropped me off at the MTC I would totally believe it. celebrate my one year a family threw me a surprise party. They made me a cake and everything! We ate pizza and there were balloons. Oh my gosh! It was soo fun. It was at like 8:00PM so we didn't have tons of time but still! :)

Anyway...on Thursday we had a bunch of lessons with member and we found some new investigators and then we had a lesson with Jonatan....he's a golden investigator that the zone leaders contacted in July...we've passed by his house a million times but were never able to go in...anyway on Thursday we finally got in the house and had a lesson. We taught the restoration and invited him to pray about Joseph Smith. He got his answer and started crying as he explained what he felt....we're talking about an 18 year old kid...this is not your average teenager. Anyway...he has a baptismal date for the 11th of October and he came to church with us on Sunday. He's a stud...but I kind of don't think I'll be here for his baptism. I feel like I'm gonna be leaving Caleta Olivia this transfer. I won't know until Saturday though! I can't believe we're already in week 6 of my 9th transfer in the mission. Crazy. Time flies when you're having fun! :)

This week it's been super sunny and I even started getting a tan... unfortunately the lines on my feet (that never fully disappeared) are starting to come back....but I'll take awkward tan lines over the freezing cold any day of the week!

Well family...make sure to give Emily lots of birthday hugs and kisses from Hermana Heath! I love you all and you're always in my thoughts and prayers...I would like you to ask you to please pray for three of my investigators that are progressing toward baptism...Jonatan, Emilia, and Carla! :)

Have an awesome week! I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Heath

Monday, September 8, 2014

You know you're in Argentina when....

Hola Familia!

This week was AWESOME. I'm so glad to hear you're all doing well. My week started out (skipping the really boring p-day) with interviews with President Rogers:) I love love love interviews. It's always a big spiritual boost and it makes me feel important when I get time to talk with President and let him know how I'm doing and how things are going in my area. I LOVE PRESIDENT ROGERS. He really is focused more on the missionaries and how we're converting ourselves than the numbers of every week. He told me he's glad I'm staying until too! The visa waiters I came with all finish their missions in December! Ahhh! That's soo crazy:)

So...then my week got even better on Wednesday when Hermana Zanuttini stayed with Hermana Davis and I while her companion went to comodoro for a day for a leadership conference. We had a PARTY! I love Hermana Zanuttini. She's from Santa Fe, Argentina. She's just a great big ball of happiness and sunshine. Anyway...from there we had zone conference on Friday. The zone leaders talked really briefly about the Book of Mormon and then invited us to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It was sooo cool. As missionaries we always share our testimonies with investigators and members and everyone else we come in contact with....but we don't usually get the chance to share our testimonies with the other missionaries. It was really cool and the spirit was really strong. :) I LOVED IT. I have the best zone leaders ever.

Sooo...from there we had a baptism on Saturday!! Technically she's the investigator of the other Hermanas..but they dropped her and the zone leaders started teaching her...they dropped her and last sunday Hermana Davis and I were talking with her (cause after the missionaries dropped her she still went to institute...weird.) and she was super happy and telling me how much she loves institute and studying the scriptures with the other YSA's. Okay... background story. Florencia is a GOLDEN investigator...she just changes her mind everyother day about whether she wants to be catholic or mormon. Sometimes mid-lesson she decides to be catholic again. It's really hard to teach her as you can imagine...she's a lil bit crazy...but she was super prepared. It just cost her a lot to make the decision to get baptized due to problems with her family mostly. Anyway...back to last Sunday night. I straight up asked her when she was getting baptized. She told me she wanted to get baptized but she wanted to be more sure. I was thinking about how she could be more hit me that Flor had never really been dropped before. The hermanas stopped visiting her but she still came to church. The elders stopped visiting her but sunday morning she's in the chapel again...she had never felt what her life would be like if she decided to be catholic tomorrow and never come Im trying to figure out what to do...then it came to my mind: She needs to be dropped! That I knew already...the problem was I didn't know how to do do you drop an investigator that participates in everything and does everything she's supposed to do even after you tell her you're not gonna visit her anymore? Well...CLEAR AS DAY it came to my mind and I tell you it did not come from me: "YOU HAVE TO UN-INVITE HER TO CHURCH. That's your only option." Jo. I swear to you all that I fought that impression soooo hard. You can't just go around telling investigators not to come to church! much as I fought it I knew I had to do I told her not to come to church for two weeks. I told her not to talk to any of the missionaries...I told her not to participate in the activities...and well....I was TERRIFIED but I did it. In that moment she told me, NO! I would die without the church. So...what are you waiting for?! She told us she wanted to get baptized on Saturday...all week she was back and forth...but finally after lots of prayers on her behalf (and un-inviting her to church)...SHE GOT BAPTIZED! Woah. What a crazy week. It took the testimonies of all 10 missionaries here in Caleta Olivia to get her baptized. Technically...the baptism is of the zone leaders...but we all agreed it was a zone baptism...haha. Miracles in the mission!

OH....yesterday there was a fire in my was only one house that burned down luckily. But you know when you're in Argentina when you can't tell if the excess smoke is a fire or a family enjoying a nice Argentine asado.

This week I started my third big journal of the mission. I can't believe I'm about to hit the year mark. That's insane! I don't ever want the mission to end. I think the best kept secret in the church is how hard missions really are. The second best kept secret is how amazing they really are!:) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!

Well...I tihnk that's it for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you soo much and you're always in my thoughts and prayers! Cuidense a full!

Besos y abrazossss
Hermana Heath

Monday, September 1, 2014


Hola queridos,

This week was really really fast and I feel like nothing really happened so it'll probably be a short letter. Sorry! Plus I don't have much time...BUT I'll give it my best effort to make it interesting and exciting anyway.

Sooo...on Monday we mostly just played soccer. I was talking to Elder Dunford (a brand new Elder from california who doesn't speak any spanish and isn't really a "sports" guy) and he asked if it's always the same...refering to playing soccer for p-day...yep bro you've got a long two years ahead of ya. Good luck. Haha:) Anyway...on tuesday we had our district was good...I had to speak on charity and love. Then on Thursday we had an activity with the youth...we went to a facility and played something really similar to tenis but different and they also had some ping pong tables set up. There were like 20 youth there and almost all of them menos activos! That made us super happy! Plus we had like 6 investigators! Yahooo:) On Friday the zone leaders went to chile cause they had to leave the country along with like 6 other missionaries. I'm sure that was a party and a realllyyyy long bus ride. Hahaha...I can't think of anything else EXCEPT that yesterday in church Maxi gave a talk! He talked about the priesthood and did an AWESOME job. At the end of his talk he said "With the priesthood there's not really much to say...but there's a lot to do." Yep...that's the convert of one month for ya. He's changed soo much and i love seeing that. He also blessed the sacrament for the first time. I couldn't stop smiling the whole meeting and the Elders kept laughing at me but I didn't care:) I LOVE MAXI!

Oh..on saturday we had an activity in the chapel for MMT. We did a game night. We played some jeopardy...pictionary...missionary tag....musical chairs and then we did some relay races! It was really fun:) After the activity Elder Alvarez and I were talking with the Branch President and he told us lots of cool stories from his mission. I love being a missionary! It's the BEST! I can't wait to tell you all the cool stories from MY mission! There's a million that I just can't fit in the weekly monday comes around and my mind goes BLANK. haha:) Oh...this week we have interviews with president tomorrow and then a zone conference on friday. It's gonna be an AWESOME week!!!! :):):)

Okay...well I love you all sooo much!! Keep being excellent people. Have a fantastic week! I think about you and miss you and pray for you all the time!

forever and always,
Hermana Heath