Monday, September 22, 2014


Hola Familia!

I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. I took the time today to read all your emails and send you a bunch of I don't have much time! Pucha. Sounds like Emily had a good birthday, and that Kim had a good time at homecoming. That makes me happy! I thought about you all a lot this week. My week was pretty rough. I totally had a mid-mission crisis three months late! I just realized that I love being a missionary soo much. I thought about all my areas and all the incredible people that I've met...Hermana Davis and I were talking through lots of tears...and I came to the conclusion that bits and pieces of my heart are scattered all over the patagonia. That was before I also didn't know if I was going or staying. On saturday the zone leaders got the transfers...they usually tell us in the night but when we saw Elder Alvarez in the church I asked him and he told me everything. pays off to be friends with the zone leaders:) Turns out that I'm staying here in Caleta for one more transfer. I'm definitely okay with that:) I love it here! Unfortunately..Hermana Zanuttini is leaving :( She's been my best friend here in Caleta. I have no doubt that we not only knew eachother in the pre-mortal life but that we were really good friends. She's amazing. Elder Alvarez is also Puerto Madryn with Hermana Hundley. Joo..Hermana Heath didn't get invited to the party! Anyway...that's the only changes here in the ciudad de Caleta. I'm excited to keep working with my investigators here!

Umm...this week we did divisions so it was crazy all around. President Rogers and Hermana Rogers came to a baptism this weekend that the Elders had which was pretty cool. Then they stayed to give a marriage devotional. Apparently it was great. This week has been an eternity! I'm just ready to start the new transfer. I'm gonna miss my friends a lot...but that's part of the mission I suppose! It's a good thing I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Have a great week! I love you!! Sorry this was kind of a boring letter! Next week I'll try to make it better!

Hermana Heath

Argentine cemetery...:/


por las dudas that you missed the last one...

I love Argentina:)

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