Monday, September 1, 2014


Hola queridos,

This week was really really fast and I feel like nothing really happened so it'll probably be a short letter. Sorry! Plus I don't have much time...BUT I'll give it my best effort to make it interesting and exciting anyway.

Sooo...on Monday we mostly just played soccer. I was talking to Elder Dunford (a brand new Elder from california who doesn't speak any spanish and isn't really a "sports" guy) and he asked if it's always the same...refering to playing soccer for p-day...yep bro you've got a long two years ahead of ya. Good luck. Haha:) Anyway...on tuesday we had our district was good...I had to speak on charity and love. Then on Thursday we had an activity with the youth...we went to a facility and played something really similar to tenis but different and they also had some ping pong tables set up. There were like 20 youth there and almost all of them menos activos! That made us super happy! Plus we had like 6 investigators! Yahooo:) On Friday the zone leaders went to chile cause they had to leave the country along with like 6 other missionaries. I'm sure that was a party and a realllyyyy long bus ride. Hahaha...I can't think of anything else EXCEPT that yesterday in church Maxi gave a talk! He talked about the priesthood and did an AWESOME job. At the end of his talk he said "With the priesthood there's not really much to say...but there's a lot to do." Yep...that's the convert of one month for ya. He's changed soo much and i love seeing that. He also blessed the sacrament for the first time. I couldn't stop smiling the whole meeting and the Elders kept laughing at me but I didn't care:) I LOVE MAXI!

Oh..on saturday we had an activity in the chapel for MMT. We did a game night. We played some jeopardy...pictionary...missionary tag....musical chairs and then we did some relay races! It was really fun:) After the activity Elder Alvarez and I were talking with the Branch President and he told us lots of cool stories from his mission. I love being a missionary! It's the BEST! I can't wait to tell you all the cool stories from MY mission! There's a million that I just can't fit in the weekly monday comes around and my mind goes BLANK. haha:) Oh...this week we have interviews with president tomorrow and then a zone conference on friday. It's gonna be an AWESOME week!!!! :):):)

Okay...well I love you all sooo much!! Keep being excellent people. Have a fantastic week! I think about you and miss you and pray for you all the time!

forever and always,
Hermana Heath

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