Monday, September 29, 2014


Mi querida familia,

¿Como les va? ¿Todo tranqui no mas? Well...this week I did read all your letters and it sounds like you're doing good. Yahooo! Quick question...where is this ISIS group from? And did the US start a war with them? The other day we walked into a house and the international news was one point during the lesson I recognized the voice of Obama coming from the TV which called my attention...I saw from the corner of my eye a bunch of bombings or something. It looked pretty freaky! Menos mal that I'm at the bottom of the world! :)

Sooo this week was like a whole transfer squished in to 7 days. It seemed like an ETERNITY! I have no idea why. Wanna hear a gross story? I must have blocked it from my memory because last week I forgot to mention that while on divisions with Hermana Zanuttini we ate lunch with Elder Kern and Elder Alvarez at a family's house...they fed us asado since Hna. Zanuttini and E' Alvarez were leaving...part of the Argentine asado is morsilla....also known as blood sausage. Because it was my first time at their house they gave me an extra large portion...everyone else at the table was jealous...I on the other hand was trying not to puke. I hate that stuff, che. It's nasty and makes me feel weird for I've never eaten that much in one setting before. Anyway...blood more reason Argentine's are CRAZY.

On the up-side...we had an awesome district meeting this week. We went around talking about each other's strengths...Elder Dunford...a brand new missionary...told me that I'm hardcore because I don't "put up with crap." he used an analogy of the dogs in Argentina....apparently I'm all bite. There are dogs that bark at you from behind the saftey of the fence...but I'm not one of those. I'm not sure what that means...but he said it was a really good thing. Huh. So friends...I'm hardcore.

Ooohhh..I did get to go to the general women's meeting. It was super good. I loved how much it talked about the temple...the members here want a temple...but they need to prepare themselves to have one! There were lots of things that I really liked and I think the members did too. I love the temple and I can't wait for them to announce one in Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia! It's probably gonna be the best day of my LIFE! :)

There was one day this week that was awful...not due to anything but the WIND. It was wind with other the end of the day we got back to the pension feeling like we had just spent the day at the sand dunes! literally. My shoes were FULL of dirt...and so was my hair...and my ears....and my clothes...and my forehead...and get this...even my TEETH. The wind here is sooo strong and it's horrible when it starts to pick up the it hurts when it hits against your legs and your face. Not cool bob scott (as my compa always says!)

Soo...I'm super excited for general conference! This friday we have zone meeting which should be really good too. My new zone leader is Elder Erickson. He's from Las Vegas and only has one transfer more than me in the mission. He's really cool...I don't know him that well yet though. It should be a good transfer here in Caleta! :)'s some weird holiday in Argentina...for the workers or something so the grocery stores are other words we're not gonna get lunch today :( eat some extra for me pleeeease! We'll probably end up buying ice cream since it's the only thing open...not that I'm gonna complain much though;)

Have a great week! Thanks for your letters. Thanks for your prayers! Thanks for your love and support! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!

Hermana Heath

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