Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Graduation Bud!! :)

Hola Familia!

I only skimmed your emails...I'll print them off later. Thanks for always sending me long ones mom...I like hearing about everything going on at home! It makes me feel like I'm still part of the family even though I'm so far away...haha.

Matthew's graduating this week?! No way...that's soo crazy. That'll be a cool day. So you got stuck with the late schedule too, huh bud? Pucha. That's alright. I'm glad you had a good time at lagoon and I hope you have a fun time at the senior all-nighter! That's so when are you gonna go to the temple? Do you know yet?! I'm assuming really soon...the only requirements are that you have your call and that you're graduated! That's awesome! I miss the temple...enjoy it lots for meeee:)

So...for starters...last week for p-day we sat in the chapel all day long not doing anything because the zone leaders forgot the futbol in their pension. We made two groups...the english speakers and the latinos and we just chilled all day long. We did do the bread contest but didn't end up picking a winner because they were both really good. Elder Tarwater made some extra and gave it to us and thanked us for giving them lunch one day of the week that they didn't have it. It was super nice of him...homemade bread is the BEST! Anyway...we were in a trio until Wednesday when Hermana Kuhn arrived! I was soo happy to see her! When we were in Trelew together we saw each other occasionally but we weren't in the same zone. She's the sister training leader down here now so we're gonna get to do divisions! yahooo! :) It's gonna be a blast!! Elder Elliz left on Tuesday which was really sad. He's only got 4 transfers left in the mission. Pucha.

Welp...I did see that Sister McAllister got my letters sent! That makes me soo happy. I've decided that I'll start sending letters home with the missionaries that go back to their home. It's too complicated to send them from Argentina. The missionaries don't seem to mind either with is good:) I hope it all gets there in one piece...there should be a letter for each of you inside!!

The zone conference/interviews on Friday were awesome! We were in the church for 10 and a half hours! What?! Talk about a long day....we had training and interviews until about 4:00PM and then we had to clean the upstairs of the chapel for the district conference and set up a bunch of chairs. With 15 missionaries plus President Rogers and Hermana Rogers it took about an hour...then the Elders and us had a meeting with our branch mission leader. We ended up leaving the chapel at about 6:45PM. Crazyyy. But it was an awesome day! Best news of the weekend?! Tierra del Fuego has enough members and priesthood holders to build a stake! Yahoo! We have to combine Rio Grande with Ushuaia...but from there the goal is to one day have two stakes down here. We're super excited and the members are too. President Rogers is hoping to put the request in THIS YEAR! We only need 24 more full tithe payers...and they're there...they're active...we just need them to pay their tithing. yahoooo! :)

Ooooh...wanna hear an awful story? This week we didn't have water in our pension for two days because all the drains were clogged. So...for two days I didn't get to shower...then one of those days a lady slipped and fell in a bunch of mud. I was helping her get up and got all muddy in the luckily our landlady was able to call someone thursday night to come fix it because the guys that were supposed to come never did...if not we would have had to go to interviews covered in mud and with our hair all wacko. Hermana Heath is not cool with being dirty...I'm so thankful for my shower. You have no idea.

Hey...yesterday I got to talk with Hermana Hundley very briefly. Elder of President's assistants said he talked with her last night and I was like what?! and then he was like well I can call her right now and you can talk to her for a sec if you want and I was like PLEEEEEASE and so he did and then we got to talk:) It made me soooo happy! She's doing well...but things are hard. The mission is just hard. Haha...we've got our future figured out though. She told me she's convinced we're gonna be companions again...I agreed and she said we're probably gonna be zone leaders in ushuaia together next transfer. I told her though that Ushuaia is really cold and there's snow so we decided we'll probably go to Puerto Madryn instead. All that's left to do now is inform President Rogers...but I can't imagine that he would have a problem with it. Transfers are only five weeks away...hahahha. I looooved talking with her. BEST COMPANION EVER. Haha:)

Everyone here in Argentina is getting ready for the mundial. It's preetty cool..but no one is gonna let us into their houses. When an Elder asked President Rogers what we were gonna do for the mundial he said, "Well...I don't want you to be i'm thinking." Hahhaa...the assistants asked us to get them a calendar of the world cup with all the games and times since they give them out in every kiosk for free...they each already had one so we were super confused until last when night they gave it to President Rogers to remind him that it's getting closer. Sooo funny. Haha...we'll see what happens! :)

Well...I hope you have a fantastic week! I wish you the very best with everything going on! I love you all and I pray for you every single day! Hermana Rogers talked about prayer a lot in the conference and the blessing that it is. It's true:) Heavenly Father loves us soo much that he's willing to listen to us at anytime of the day! 

Hugs and kisses from the bottom of the world!
Hermana Heath

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hola Queridos,

I'm glad to hear that Matthew had a nice birthday...props Em on the birthday cake. I expect one that's very similar when I get home:) Hahaha...for reals. Kimberly has an iphone? Haha...ya'll are going soft. I hope morp was fun... I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that Kimberly is old enough to go on dates. That's messed up. And shoutout to the fainting goats! Sounds like the games are really fun. I wish I could be there to cheer! But it seems like you're cheering loud enough for me too!

This week was super super long...but I almost have nothing to tell. It was a really boring week with very little variation to the typical day as a missionary. Last week the zone leaders gave us zone t-shirts. They're pretty cool. We took a picture and everything..but then we were playing soccer outside and Elder Galindo (my zone leader) hit me right in the stomach with the muddy ball. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure the mud stain will never come out..the good news? It looks kind of cool with a perfect ball print. Jaja.

Every morning here is soo cold. We wake up to frost on the ground and lots of ice. My companion doesn't know how to walk on ice and almost falls about every 30 seconds or so. I try not to laugh...but sometimes I just can't help it. It's too funny. As long as she doesn't get hurt I don't feel too bad about snickering as we walk down the street. It's been really cold this week because it snowed in Ushuaia and Tolhuin. I think they got like 5 inches. I'm so glad I'm not there right now. Haha. It's really pretty...but I'm not sure it's worth it...although they say it's colder in Rio Grande than Ushuaia.

This week the Elders of Austral had the baptism of a little 9 year old boy. His parents aren't members, but his older brothers are and they go to church every week. His name is Eury. He's sooo cute. He's a little black boy. Such a stud. He was super excited. Elder Lamb baptized him and I got to lead the music...last minute planning on the Elders part. Haha. After the baptism the zone leaders gathered us all up and they told us the transfers. Only four missionaries from the zone left. I'm super excited to be here another transfer in Rio Grande. Hermana Garavito is too I think. And wanna know who's coming to take Hermana Carter's spot?! HERMANA KUHN!! YES!! She's gonna be the leader of the hermanas so I get to do divisions with her! That's gonna be the best day EVER! Haha. Oh, and Elder Elliz is going to Rio Gallegos. Pucha.

Today we're gonna have a bread contest. Elder Tarwater and Hermana Salazar both made bread last night. My companion and I are gonna be the judges. I'm super excited! :) Then we're making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Argentines don't appreciate the concept of kid food. They just look at us like, "your mother actually fed you that when you were a kid?" They're all crazy. CRAZY I tell you.

This week we found a new investigator. Her name is Alicia. She was standing outside one day taking a smoke when we found her. Her huge garden called my attention. She had some roses that were really big and reminded me of the roses grandma always had out I told her and that's how we started talking. I'm not sure if she's interested more in having a gringa friend or learning about God..but we'll see:) Haha. She's super nice though.

Welp...that's all I can come up with for the week. Hopefully next week is a little more exciting. Actually I'll have more to tell you cause President and Hermana Rogers are gonna be here from Friday until Sunday! We have interviews on Friday and then the District Conference of Rio Grande on saturday and sunday. I'm super excited!! :) Have a fantastic week! I love you all sooo much and I miss you every day! Remember to read your scriptures and pray! Besossss.

Hermana Heath

Monday, May 12, 2014



Well...I really really enjoyed talking to everyone yesterday..the problem though now is that I don't have anything to say. This will probably be a short email. Haha.

First off, Matthew...I hope you have the BEST birthday EVER! You are such a stud and I love you sooo much! I hope you have a fantastic week and a super special day! I'll be thinking about ya!!

So...last week I saw an Hermano from Rawson! Domingo Gonzalez. He and his wife are from Rio Grande and have all of their kids and grandkids living here. They're down here for about a month before they leave on a mission...I haven't heard where yet. It was sooo fun to see him, and he was pretty happy to see me too. He lived in my area and we ate lunch with him and his wife on several occasions. Such a great family. It made me soo happy to see him and a little bit trunky for Rawson!

This last week we were a trio while Hermana Carter went to Comodoro. Hermana Salazar spent 3 days with us. It was soo fun. I love her and we get along really well. It was fun. One night we played Uno, that brick game where you have to pull one out and stack it on top, and then we just talked for a while...until like midnight I think. Whoopsies. Haha...President and Hermana Rogers know that all the Hermanas stay up late when we're together...and he says "as long as you still get out of bed at 6:30..." haha...I love him. Since it's only once a month he doesn't care.

I'm out of stories. Maybe I'll tell you about some investigators. Faviana was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but didn't come to church. She just moved last week to chacra so we couldn't go pick her up in the morning. Pucha. We were really bumbed about that yesterday. Her sister-in-law Analia wants to get baptized as well and would have gotten baptized this Saturday with Favi if she was married. Her husband wants to wait another year...even though they've already been together 10. Crazy Argentines. We also have Fatima who we visit once a week now. She's from Paraguay. She has all the lessons, she's in Alma in her Book of Mormon reading, and was going to church every week before her job got in the way...she wants to get baptized but her husband...errr her partner doesn't want to get married. She's got a four year old son that's sooo cute. His name is Ryan. Then we have Raul. His wife is a Jehovah's Witness. He wants to come to church and get baptized but is scared of causing problems with his wife. Awesome. 

Welll...I've gotta go. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about the next week. Haha. I love you all! Have a fantastic week and keep sharing the gospel and helping to accelerate this amazing work! Don't forget to say your prayers! Until next time...

Chau chau

Hermana Heath

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday KIMBERLY!! :)

Hola Familia,

Before I say anything else...we all just need to take a minute to soak in the fact that tomorrow Kimberly is gonna turn 16 YEARS OLD. How in the world did that happen? I'm pretty sure I thought I was the only one growing up because last time I checked Kimmie was 14 years old. Well Kimmers...have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH:) I hope you have the best day EVER! :)

Second shoutout goes to the MVP of the Fainting Goats...the one and only CRAIGMEISTER!! Good job for scoring a goal in your game! Yahooo!! Wish I could be there to cheer at the games but at the same time I have no doubt that mom cheers loud enough for the both of us...haha. Congrats, bro.

Alright. So, starting from Monday. P-day was sooo much fun. Elder Tarwater and Elder Lamb made french toast. Delicious. Matthew....I'm telling you...stateside missions are the way to go. Just think of all the french toast you'll get to eat. Tender mercies of the Lord, bro. I miss breakfast foods! Everyone here thinks that WE'RE the crazy ones for eating breakfast...don't they know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Crazies. Then we played futbol. In the morning it rained, so the court we play on was a little bit wet...but we just swept off some of the water and called it good. The Hermanas were boring last week and didn't want to play so it was just me with the Elders. It was a blast and a half while the Hermanas "chatted" from the sidelines.

Here's a trivia many continents are there? I'll let you think about that for a minute. We had a huge friendly argument on Tuesday with the missionaries trying to decide. Well...the answer is 7. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, and Austrailia. SEVEN. All the north american missionaries agreed on seven. All the latinos said there's only 5. Internet says 7, but according to the latinos, "that's not a reliable source." You're starting to see aren't you why I keep telling you that Argentines are CRAZY?! Actually it could just be latinos in general...

Ohh...the other day there was an earthquake!! It was soo cool. My companion and I were sitting in our pension eating lunch...and suddenly there was this big grumbly sound and our pension SHOOK. We just looked at each other like, "che, did you just feel that?" It was super weird. Haha...we went back to eating our lunch tranquila.

On Wednesday afternoon we traveled to Ushuaia. 3 hours on the bus...three really long hours. The roads are sooo curvy and to make it worse...we spent the first hour and a half of the bus ride sitting in a circle playing uno. It was a really bad idea. First of is a great game...but it gets old really fast. Anyway...the last hour of the ride Elder Tarwater, Elder Lamb, and I were betting on who was gonna throw up gross. Worst headache ever.  We finally got there and went to the Hermana's pension for the night. We slept of the floor in the kitchen.

On Thursday we had the conference with Elder Gonzalez. It was awesome. Hermana Rogers talked and at the end bore her testimony in Spanish which made me cry. I love her. Then President Rogers talked about pray...which made me cry. Why am I crying so much? The mission does weird things to you... anyway..then Elder Gonzalez and Sister Gonzalez talked. It was an awesome conference. In the afternoon after the conference we went to the famous sign "Ushuaia: Fin del Mundo" and then we did divisions with the Hermanas. Ushuaia is sooo pretty. It's all hills and mountains and prettiness. It's a cute little town with wooden cabin houses...and it actually wasn't that cold...the sun was shinning...and reflecting off the snow in the mountains it was really bright. It was a really good day:)

At 4:30AM Friday morning we had to be in the terminal in Ushuaia. Our colectivo left at 5:00AM. It was another really long three hours. Of course...everyone else was sleeping...but I couldn't. Plus...the bus was freezing and I gave my coat to my companion since she was really cold...I hate being a nice person. Anyway...I didn't get to sleep until 10:30 that night...that was like 19 hours awake...which doesn't seem that bad...but it felt like an eternity. Saturday was worse. Haha:)

Well...I hope you all have a great week! I love you all sooo much:) Thanks for your prayers and support! I had a really cool experience this week with prayer. I KNOW that God listens to and answers prayers. We are soo blessed.

I love you and I'm super excited to skype with ya'll next week!! :)

Chau chauuu!
Hermana Heath

I miss the mountains!! :)