Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Graduation Bud!! :)

Hola Familia!

I only skimmed your emails...I'll print them off later. Thanks for always sending me long ones mom...I like hearing about everything going on at home! It makes me feel like I'm still part of the family even though I'm so far away...haha.

Matthew's graduating this week?! No way...that's soo crazy. That'll be a cool day. So you got stuck with the late schedule too, huh bud? Pucha. That's alright. I'm glad you had a good time at lagoon and I hope you have a fun time at the senior all-nighter! That's so when are you gonna go to the temple? Do you know yet?! I'm assuming really soon...the only requirements are that you have your call and that you're graduated! That's awesome! I miss the temple...enjoy it lots for meeee:)

So...for starters...last week for p-day we sat in the chapel all day long not doing anything because the zone leaders forgot the futbol in their pension. We made two groups...the english speakers and the latinos and we just chilled all day long. We did do the bread contest but didn't end up picking a winner because they were both really good. Elder Tarwater made some extra and gave it to us and thanked us for giving them lunch one day of the week that they didn't have it. It was super nice of him...homemade bread is the BEST! Anyway...we were in a trio until Wednesday when Hermana Kuhn arrived! I was soo happy to see her! When we were in Trelew together we saw each other occasionally but we weren't in the same zone. She's the sister training leader down here now so we're gonna get to do divisions! yahooo! :) It's gonna be a blast!! Elder Elliz left on Tuesday which was really sad. He's only got 4 transfers left in the mission. Pucha.

Welp...I did see that Sister McAllister got my letters sent! That makes me soo happy. I've decided that I'll start sending letters home with the missionaries that go back to their home. It's too complicated to send them from Argentina. The missionaries don't seem to mind either with is good:) I hope it all gets there in one piece...there should be a letter for each of you inside!!

The zone conference/interviews on Friday were awesome! We were in the church for 10 and a half hours! What?! Talk about a long day....we had training and interviews until about 4:00PM and then we had to clean the upstairs of the chapel for the district conference and set up a bunch of chairs. With 15 missionaries plus President Rogers and Hermana Rogers it took about an hour...then the Elders and us had a meeting with our branch mission leader. We ended up leaving the chapel at about 6:45PM. Crazyyy. But it was an awesome day! Best news of the weekend?! Tierra del Fuego has enough members and priesthood holders to build a stake! Yahoo! We have to combine Rio Grande with Ushuaia...but from there the goal is to one day have two stakes down here. We're super excited and the members are too. President Rogers is hoping to put the request in THIS YEAR! We only need 24 more full tithe payers...and they're there...they're active...we just need them to pay their tithing. yahoooo! :)

Ooooh...wanna hear an awful story? This week we didn't have water in our pension for two days because all the drains were clogged. So...for two days I didn't get to shower...then one of those days a lady slipped and fell in a bunch of mud. I was helping her get up and got all muddy in the luckily our landlady was able to call someone thursday night to come fix it because the guys that were supposed to come never did...if not we would have had to go to interviews covered in mud and with our hair all wacko. Hermana Heath is not cool with being dirty...I'm so thankful for my shower. You have no idea.

Hey...yesterday I got to talk with Hermana Hundley very briefly. Elder of President's assistants said he talked with her last night and I was like what?! and then he was like well I can call her right now and you can talk to her for a sec if you want and I was like PLEEEEEASE and so he did and then we got to talk:) It made me soooo happy! She's doing well...but things are hard. The mission is just hard. Haha...we've got our future figured out though. She told me she's convinced we're gonna be companions again...I agreed and she said we're probably gonna be zone leaders in ushuaia together next transfer. I told her though that Ushuaia is really cold and there's snow so we decided we'll probably go to Puerto Madryn instead. All that's left to do now is inform President Rogers...but I can't imagine that he would have a problem with it. Transfers are only five weeks away...hahahha. I looooved talking with her. BEST COMPANION EVER. Haha:)

Everyone here in Argentina is getting ready for the mundial. It's preetty cool..but no one is gonna let us into their houses. When an Elder asked President Rogers what we were gonna do for the mundial he said, "Well...I don't want you to be i'm thinking." Hahhaa...the assistants asked us to get them a calendar of the world cup with all the games and times since they give them out in every kiosk for free...they each already had one so we were super confused until last when night they gave it to President Rogers to remind him that it's getting closer. Sooo funny. Haha...we'll see what happens! :)

Well...I hope you have a fantastic week! I wish you the very best with everything going on! I love you all and I pray for you every single day! Hermana Rogers talked about prayer a lot in the conference and the blessing that it is. It's true:) Heavenly Father loves us soo much that he's willing to listen to us at anytime of the day! 

Hugs and kisses from the bottom of the world!
Hermana Heath

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