Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy JUNE!

Hola Familia,

Can you believe it's June already?! I can't...where did the time go?! I swear we JUST celebrated Christmas and New Years. Welp...I realized this week that Matthew's graduation means that it's SUMMER. You're officially out of school...well I guess that only applies to Kimberly and Matthew. Em and Craig have a couple weeks to go still:) Haha. I hope you enjoyed Matthew's graduation! Going through the temple will be awesome! I wish I was gonna be there! Soo cool.

I'm glad you got my letters! I hope you enjoyed them:) I tried to make them all about the same length...I kind of anticipated that someone would think I loved them more because I wrote them a longer letter. Haha...I had a good time writing you all. It makes me happy...but it takes AGES. I wrote letters every night for two weeks straight in my spare time...a few lines here a few lines there...haha. Missionaries are busy people..who knew!

Welp...this week was a good one. started out bad. Last week while playing futbol Elder Tarwater kicked the ball right into my face. What a punk. It wasn't a hard kick and it didn't hurt so it was all good...but he didn't need to know that. I gave him a hard time about it and made him feel a little bit bad and then forgave him. Mostly because he started singing that it Phil Collins that sings "What do I gotta do to make you love me?" I don't remember...but it was hilarious. Hahaha. From there things went uphill. We had an awesome district meeting on Tuesday. My district leader is Elder Spackman from Provo. He's such a hard worker and a great leader. He was in the MTC with me so we have the same time in the mission. I love love love district meetings:) We have another one tomorrow. My companion and I have to teach about the christlike attributes charity and love from preach my gospel. It should be good.

This week I gave myself another haircut. My hair is getting blonder...people say it's the water...but I'm not cool with it. Pray for me, people. I dont' want to be bloooonde. This week was super cold...with lots of rain in the mornings and fog at night. The other day we could hardly see a thing! It gets dark here at about 5:20PM and the sun comes up at about 9:35AM. It's crazy! The people tell us the shortest day the sun will go down just before 5:00 and come up a little after 10:00. Sometimes during studies I feel like it's the middle of the night cause when we look out the window it's pitch black!

This week on Friday morning we had to wake up early and be at the migrations office (20 minute walk from the pension) at 8:30. We got there and had to wait for the always. Hermana Garavito walked across the street to go look at the beach. When the Elders finally showed up we waited outside while they talked with the people inside...the good news?! I have a DNI! In other words...until the end of my mission I'm legal!! The bad news..the card is in Comodoro. It's basically like a drivers license. If anyone tries to kick me out of the country or when I have to cross the border all I have to do is show my card that says I'm a legal resident of argentina. It only took 9 months to get it! haha:) But the zone leaders travel to comodoro this week I think so they'll bring it back with them.

OH. My pension is haunted. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and a light in the kitchen that doesn't work was on. That light has never every worked in the three months I've been here. Sketchy. Anyway...I rolled over and kept sleeping with my face to the wall. I was not down to get out of bed...haha. In the morning it was still companion and I were both super confused and freaked out. It took us 20 minutes and a prayer to build up the courage to leave the bedroom and check it out. We turned off the light and then tried turning it back on...nothing. The light doesn't work. How it turned on in the  middle of the night I have no idea. FREAKY.

Sooo....on Friday night we were in charge of a branch activity. You all know that I'm not a creative companion isn't either...and unfortunately the Elders are even worse at coming up with ideas than we are. Luckily we have an hermana in the ward who is AWESOME and helped us out. We ended up playing pictionary. Both the Elders and us had investigators there and several branch members showed up. It was actually a lot of fun:) My team definitely won! Yahoooo:) We had lunch on Saturday with Maria and Marcelo...wanna know what we ate?! LASAGNA. Life made. It's been waaayyyy too long. Hahaha.. well...I think that's it for the week. 20 minutes outside of the city rio grande (at Cabo Domingo) there's snow...I don't think it will make it to where we are though...apparently it hasn't in a few years...I'm not sure why...but I'm not complaining either:)

Welp...I hope ya'll have an awesome week! I love you and I think about you every single day! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!  The church is true people. I have no doubt. The gospel truly does make us better people. Every day in the mission I see people come closer to Christ and change a little bit for the better...they don't all choose to get baptized...but as they grow closer to Him, I get to see the changes and the light start to appear in their lives. What a blessing!! :) I think it's Alma 26 in the first couple of verses that talks about the biggest blessing God gives us is that we can be instruments in his hands. There couldn't be anything more true!

I love youu!

Hermana Heath

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