Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey Fam,

This week was the looooongest week of my life. Last night as I was getting in to bed at 10:30PM I was sooo relieved...that was until the zone leaders called us and said they wanted to do a conference call with the entire zone. It ended up being 11:00PM when we finally hung up and got to sleep:)

First off...DAD! I'm almost positive that next Sunday is Fathers day...and if it's not this is gonna be really awkward...but it's Fathers day in Argentina...then again we'd be insane to trust Argentina's calendar cause they're all CRAZY. Anyway...I hope you have the best fathers day EVER! I love you soo much! Thanks for all your love and support. It really does mean the world to me! :) You're the BEST!

Second...Matthew! What a cool week for you! I loved loved loved going to the temple for the first time! It's the best! I miss the temple so much. People always say that...but I didn't really understand what they's pretty...peaceful...special and all that but there's something about it that makes you feel like you're at home. I didn't recognize that until I realized that I'm homesick for the temple! :) Go lots of times before you leave! And in the mission you'll get to go right? Is the Houston Temple within the boundaries of the mission?

Third...the world cup! Well...the mundial as they call it here in Argentina starts on Thursdsay. I've got the entire schedule taped into the back of my agenda and in the notes seccion of every day I've got the most important games written in! Haha...we're supposedly gonna work normal missionary hours but I wouldn't be surprised if President gives us study time when Argentina plays. The members here told us that with the other mission president the missionaries weren't allowed to leave the pension when Argentina played because people party in the streets afterwards and everyone's's apparently worse when they lose cause everyone's angry. We'll say! President Rogers told us to be careful and not to go to areas where there are large groups of people gathered together. I think the big teams are Brazil, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Argentina should do pretty well...they've got lots of really good players...some of the top in the world! I bought myself a Messi jersey this week:) yahoo! Go ARGENTINA! (Nobody tell Craig but Brazil is gonna lose after the first round...haha) 

Sooo...anyone want some good stories?! Well...first off...the husband of an investigator told us the other day, "Did you know you walk faster than the colectivo?! I saw you guys walking the other day as I was getting on the were headed in the direction of the grocery store...the same place I was going. By the time the bus got there you guys were already two streets past the store." I'll have you know that we beat the colectivo for 6 streets. Haha...apparently we move faster than public transportation. It gave us a good laugh.

Next story...last week some drunk guy in the Anonima (grocery story) started singing us a love song. Super awkward. Everyone was staring at us...we just tried to hurry and leave. Haha. you wanna know what's retarded? P-days here in Rio Grande are super boring...wanna know why? From Tuesday until doesn't rain...but every monday morning at 3:00AM without fail it starts biggie we can still play futbol with water...the problem is the rain very quickly turns to ice...which makes it pretty impossible to play and a little bit dangerous. Last week we played anyway...all of us took turns slipping and falling. One time though I fell straight onto my back and got the wind knocked out of me. was soo didn't hurt me at all but the Elders thought I was paralyzed for sure...despite the fact that I was moving. Haha...good times. We probably shouldn't play on the ice...but then we're stuck inside the chapel for 6 hours doing nothing. Pucha. I'm not a big fan of the weather in Rio Grande.

This week we started English classes. Elder Tarwater and I are teaching was a lot of fun...even though we are definitely not qualified! Haha. Then Saturday night the whole city didn't have light or water. Good times. Luckily the light in our pension came back after about 30 minutes. We had to light candles because it was pitch black. With the sun going down at 5:15PM and the street lights not 9:30PM it's reallly dark. Haha. It was a weird experience. This week we had weather 10 degrees below zero. It's been really really cold...and apparently it's still just barely getting started. Someone get me off of this freaking island! Haha..actually though last week it snowed in Gallegos. Counting my blessings.

Ohhh....this week...or last week I think it was I finished Doctrine and Covenants. I love the promeses it has! In the Bible I'm reading in Samuel. And in the New Testament in Luke. I really really like the Book of Mormon. Haha:) It' definitely my favorite!

Okay family...I think that's it for this week. Today we're having a "zone" p-day. The zone leaders planned it and supposedly we're gonna have a lot of fun...I'm pretty sure we're gonna play get to know you games. Whoopee? Haha...we'll see...the good news though is that we're gonna eat homemade ice cream made by the one and only Hermana Heath. We've got neapolitan...chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. It's gonna be delicious:)

Haha...anyway...have a great week! I love you all sooo much! I thought a lot about you this week and missed you too! It's been a really long time since I've seen 9 months! Crazy. Welp...hang in there friends...only nine more months to go! It's already been 6 months since Christmas...the time goes flying! Hugs and kisses from Rio Grandeee! :)

Hermana Heath

yeah..remember all the ice we were cleaning off the court?
there was a lot..30 minutes of sweeping easy.

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