Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hola querida familia mia,

Welp...I haven't had any time to read your emails...I'll probably do that during district meeting...hahaha just kidding that's a joke but I'll get around to it real soon:) I hope you all had a great week! Mine started off pretty rough, but it ended on a high note!

This week we did divisions on Tuesday with Hermana Kuhn...it was really fun and brought back lots of MTC memories. I mentioned last week that I had a little bit of a cold..well Tuesday I had a sore throat, but even still Hermana Kuhn and I stayed up until 1:00AM talking...Hermana Garavito was the smart one and was sleeping soundly at 9:45PM. It was Tuesday night that the zone leaders did a big conference call with all of us and told us we were going to Ushuaia!! Anyway...Wednesday I was super sleepy..but it was worth it! Haha.

I got to watch the Argentina game on Wednesday since it was during lunch...ya buddy. They didn't play super well...but the Messi goal in the last minute was pretty legit...as they say in Argentina...it was a "golazooo!!" Haha...crazy Argentines. I also heard the US tied with Portugal? Sweet...I only saw the first few minutes and the national anthem. Anyway...

Mom...my zone leader Elder Soto says hi. He's sitting next to me asking me if I told you yet...so there you have it. He's from Chile...I think they might actually be crazier than the Argentines.

On Friday night I went to bed with a fever and upset stomach and a massive headache. I woke up only a little bit better Saturday morning but we left and worked and I felt better as the day went on...on Saturday night I had to give a talk at a baptism the Elders had...when did they ask me? At 10:30 the morning of...go team. It went really well though...I talked about the Holy Ghost at the baptism of a 10 year old girl named Milagros. Her parents are taking the lessons and are planning on getting baptized too I think. She's sooo cute though...she came up afterwards and gave me a great big hug and thanked me...she also told me she is planning on being a missionary when I asked. Little Argentina kids are ADORABLE! Just a little bit before the baptism I started feeling feverish again and through the rest of the night didn't feel super good and Sunday morning I woke up worse! What?! Well. Church was really good..we ate lunch in the pension and I tried to sleep a little bit but I still didn't feel great when I got up. We worked the afternoon normal but at 7:30PM I couldn't do it anymore and so we finished the lesson we were in and went back to the pension a little bit early. My companion called the Elders and they came over to give me a blessing...the first half in Spanish, and the second half in English. It was a really sweet blessing. I couldn't fall asleep that night but luckily when we woke up at 3:30AM to be in the church early to go to Ushuaia I felt better with only a little bit of a headache and a small sore throat...thank heavens I didnt' have a fever! The bus ride to Ushuaia was really long and really hot...we were in a little shuttle thing that we rented that took all 15 missionaries.

When we got to Ushuaia we met up with the Ushuaia zone in the chapel and we walked to the big boat that took us in the direction of antartica...we were closer to antarctica than we were to Buenos Aires. We boarded and sat in tables inside until we got going. Once we were moving they gave us permission to go out on the deck...it was freeeezing..but so worth it. We saw a ton of sea lions that swam right alongside the boat and then we stopped in front of a little island that was swarming with sea lions..they smell really bad and they walk really funny..but it was super cool..we were really close! Then we went a little bit farther to another island and we got to get off the boat and take a short hike up to the top where we took some cool pictures. Then last but not least we went to the lighthouse...."El Faro" It was....really small and kind of disappointing. It was still an awesome trip and an awesome tour..but everyone talks about the lighthouse like it's super cool and exciting...but we just went right on past it on the boat...stopped for like two minutes to take some pictures from the boat and then went back. The sea lions were wayy cooler..haha. We went back to chapel after finishing the tour to eat some lunch all together and then since it was only like 2:00PM and we didn't have anything else planned we played soccer and basketball in the chapel. It was really fun but after a little while Elder Tarwater and Elder Lamb and Elder Spackman got bored and asked if we wanted to go with them to go look around the city. We happily agreed and went to walk around the centro area. We did a little bit of shopping even though I didn't buy anything and then we had to be back in the church at 5:00PM so that we could take the shuttle home at 5:30PM. It was a really fun and tiring day...it was a really long day! But I loved it...although I think I'm good if I never serve in Ushuaia...it's a great place to visit but I don't think I'm up to living there for 4 months... gonna pass on that. OH...but the weird thing? It's wayyy colder in Rio Grande...I'm not sure why...but it is. Menos mal? There wasn't snow there. The bus ride home was super fun...Hermana Kuhn and I sat next to eachother and Elder Lamb and Elder Tarwater were behind us...we talked the whole time mostly about how much we love the united states and what we've learned so far in the mission...I've learned a lot, che. Sometimes I don't even realize it until I stop to think about it...you know the song from Pocahontas "...you think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you...but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger you'll learn things you never knew you never knew..." True that. Welp...to wrap that all up...when we got back to the church at about 8:30PM we went for ice cream.... yummmmm. It was the perfect way to end the day. We had a great time celebrating the mission's birthday! :)

Well..this week is transfers. I'm pretty sure that I won't be staying here in Rio Grande, so I'll give you the heads up now...Monday morning the bus leaves here at 8:00AM...if I get transfered I don't know if I'll be able to write to you next Monday cause I'll be traveling...so if you don't get an email monday morning at the usual time, you'll be getting one later in the afternoon or Tuesday:)

Well family...thanks for all your love, support, and prayers! I can feel it everyday here in Argentina! I love love love being a missionary. It's the best in the world! I know that God loves us soo much and he blesses us when we try our best. I'm learning in the mission that God never asks for more than we can give, but he also never expects less than our best. Keep being excellent people!

Hugs and kisses from the bottom of the worlddd! :)

Hermana Heath

Awww man...I just finished the family email and looked out window....it's snowing. Puchaaaa.

sea lions...

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