Monday, August 25, 2014

Here comes the SUN!

Hola querida familia mia!

Well friends...this week was weird. I'm just gonna tell you again that I didn't get to read your emails before writing to you...what's new? Sooo...I'll be pretty quick today with my comments...I'm almost out of does that happen?! Well...this week it just hit me again how much I LOVE Argentina. We ate some weird things this week...first was locro...which they usually only eat for big national independence day...anyway....locro is made by sticking a big pot on the stove and then opening the fridge and throwing everything in...everything you can find. Then your neighbor comes and throws in everyting he can find...and so forth. In other's a lil bit weird. Wanna know what was inside our locro this week? MONDONGO. For those of you who need a translation...that's cow intestine. Why? Why do Argentines feel the need to eat that? I can tell you that it's not because it's yummy. Luckily we ate in the pension so we could pick it out and throw it away...on other occasions I haven't been so lucky. Pucha. I promise to make ya'll some good Argentine food when I get home...but I'm gonna be just fine if I never have to eat locro again. It makes me a lil queasy just thinking about what could be in there. Ah. I just got chills for reals thinking about it no mas. Ewwww. Well...the week couldn't end there...the next day we ate fish (which all of you know I don't like) and then yesterday for lunch we ate SQUID TENTACLES. OH MY GOSH. Someone please just send me home. Sooo nasty. We ate them in the form of onion rings..I tried pretending that's what they were..but not so lucky for me is that I'm not really a fan of those either. Plus...the smell just gave it away too quickly. How I didn't throw up on the spot I'll never know...tender mercies of the Lord. So...that was the weird part of the week. The good part of the week is that my companion and I did 200 contacts! I think that's the record in the mission but I'm not sure...we're in desperate need for new investigators..but we still managed to have 6 lessons with member and 9 others. That's a good week here in Caleta Olivia in el Rotary hahaha. OH! And get this...MAXI CAME WITH US TO A CITA!! I was sooo excited. He shared his testimony about going to church...he said "you're there and you feel the need to be there...I can't really explain's something you feel...the hermanas told me that's the spirit." OH MY GOSH. Have a I mentioned that I love him yet?! Such a capo that kid. This sunday he's gonna give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. OH MY GOSH! I'm sooo happy...I love seeing him continue learning and progress in the gospel...the branch members love him and they've done a great job of making him feel welcome and comfortable. Oh...after a really long day of 50 contacts and a couple of lessons we (the 10 missionaries in the branch) had a meeting with our mission leader...after he drove us and a companionship of the Elders home. We heard Whitney Houston on the radio. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I'll be honest...Hermana Davis, Elder Tyler, and Elder Dunford and I broke out into a chorus of "I will always love you" It was a great treat to end a really long day! Hahahha....medio trucho...but I feel like it's alright...:) I don't feel too bad about singing along! This week was soo sad here weather wise. Currently Caleta Olivia is under a bubble of gloominess and despair. The dark gray clouds are finally starting to clear up today and the sun is peaking out...a couple days ago Elder Alvarez(ZL) sent us a text "here come the sun" ....I sure hope so because it's been a loooong cold lonely winter here in Argentina. Okay I just realized that this is one huge paragraph....breathe Hermana Heath...

Alright...round two. Ready GO! So....despite all the gross food I was forced to eat this week...I really do love Argentina. It hit me how much I never wanna leave here. All the kids playing soccer in the streets...all the dogs...the teeny tiny cars...the colorful houses....the kiosks and panaderias on every I LOVE ARGENTINA! I can't really come up with anything else for the week..I'll try to think of some good stories or something for next week..I feel like these last few emails home have been pretty short and boring. Oh...and EMILY...I promise to write you FIRST next week. It's been way too long since I've responded to you! Dad...I promise to write you second next week...I always run out of time and never get to write to everyonee!! I hate that. Okay...welll...keep being excellent people. I love you all sooo much! Have a fantastic week! Cuidense!!

Muchoooos abrazos y besos comin your way from Argentina!!

Hermana Heath

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