Monday, August 11, 2014

Mother knows best...

Querida Familia..

Okay..casi no tengo tiempo hoy porque tenemos traslados y bueno ahora en un rato mas nos vamos a juntar en la capilla con todos los misioneros y ...hold up. it just hit me that I'm writing in Spanish. Awkward. case you didnt understand that I have hardly any time today because of transfers...BUT ! I will tell you a few things quickly. First, I haven't read anything from your letters. Usually I at least skim them before but today I haven't even had time for that. Second, my companion is going to USHUAIA! Hermana Rasmussen is gonna be companions with Hermana Fish. She's awesome and was a visa waiter that arrived to Argentina at the same time with me. Third, my new companion is gonna be Hermana Davis who is coming from Ushuaia. I did divisions with her once while I was there. She and Hermana Rasmussen have the same time the mission...o sea...5 months. I'm excited to be her companion:) This week was long. All of our citas got cancelled. Oh...happy 11 months to me today! you wanna know a story? So...this week I almost died like a million times. Ya buddy. On day we were in our area walking along not causing anyone any harm when a huge dog comes running out of no where and bit me right on the arm! Puuucha. It got me right on the forearm...actually I put my arm out to block it. didn't really hurt that much in the moment...and luckily it didn't break skin...but I've got some nasty bruises to show for it! So...I guess all these times mom has told me to carry around my dog dazer wasn't for's not like I would have had time to pull it out though anyway. Oh well. Ya fue. Anyway...that was pretty fun. Oh...and wanna know what time of dog it was? a GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Yep...that's right. The good news of this week? we made LEGIT cinammon rolls with a member family! They were soooo good. Not quite as good as dad's...but I'm in Argentina...what can you expect?? We also had our zone conference. It was awesome! I love being a missionary! I learn soo much and I'm so happy all the time that I'm pretty sure one day I'm just gonna explode! Well...that's all I can remember from this week. I'm super tired...we've been up late the last couple of days getting Hermana Rasmussen all packed up. I'm gonna miss her a lot. She's been a great companion. 

So...this email is super short but I think I'm out of time! I'll write more next week! Sorry! I love you all! Be safe and have a great week!

Love you!! :)

Hermana Heath

Cinnamon rolls....YUMM!! :)

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