Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello Familia,

This week was sooo long. I seriously haven't had time to read's obnoxious being a week behind on responding to some things...but I'm glad Kimberly had a good week at girls camp and I assume youth conference was also great! I also liked the pictures from dad's poquitos eran! there weren't very many of you! That's soo weird!

This week was just awful. I'll be completely honest. Hermana Rasmussen left me on Tuesday night to go do some tramites in Rio Gallegos...she was supposed to come home on Thursday morning. It's a long story...wanna hear it?! goes.

On Tuesday night we took Hermana Rasmussen to the terminal at 8:00PM...Elder Alvarez and I talked and laughed about dumb things the whole time while the other missionaries tried to sleep. They're all boring. Hermana Rasmussen's colectivo didn't end up leaving until 10:00PM though cause it came late from Comodoro. I got to see Elder Lamb though since he also had to do tramites! That made me suuuper happy:) He seems to be doing alright...but doesn't really like Comodoro. Anyway...I got left with the other Hermanas for divisions...we slept the three of us plus Hermana Demott from pico truncado in the other hermana's pension and on Wednesday I did divisions with Hermana Judd. It was a really long day. I don't like divisions much...but we had three lessons with member! That's was pretty cool:) That night Hermana Demott and I came back to my pension cause it's only a 10 minute walk to the terminal and our companios were gonna get there early in the morning. Elder Alvarez called me that night and told me that Hermana Rasmussen had to stay an extra day but Hermana Demott's companion was gonna be there at 7:00AM. We met the zone leaders in the terminal at 6:30AM. Sent the pico truncado hermanas back to their area...iunfortunately hermana judd was sick and throwing up from something she ate so they didn't come to pick me up at the terminal and take me back to their pension so I got stuck there alone with the zone leaders. We took a taxi to the hermanas pension and I stayed the day there with them inside. It was a reallly long and reaaaallly boring day. What the heck am I gonna do with my life when I don't have citas..meetings..or contacts to be doing every second of every day?! FREAKY! Hermana Zanuttini and I made empanadas for lunch which was the highlight of the day. Anyway...on friday morning Elder Kern and Elder Murua (on divisions) picked me up early (like 5:30 in the freaking morning!) from the pension of the hermanas and the three of us went to the terminal to pick up my companion...the bus came but no Hermana Rasmussen got off. Pucha. Elder Kern called Rio Gallegos and it turns out had to stay another day! Thanks for the heads up Elders. Couldn't they have told us BEFORE we woke up at 5:00AM to go to the terminal?  I was sooo bummed. Anyway...the Elders dropped me back off at the penison of the hermanas...luckily we only spent half the day in the pension and then the other half we worked...but in their area. Friday night Elder Alvarez called and told me he just talked with the Elders in Gallegos and they had just sent Hermana Rasmussen off on the bus so FOR SURE she was gonna be on the bus this time. On Saturday morning Elder Alvarez and Elder Kern picked me up at the pension of the Hermanas early and we went to the terminal to wait for my comp. She FINALLY¨came. I was sooo happy to see her. We only have one week left together and I seriously missed her a ton! The zone leaders dropped us off at our pension and then my companion was so dead so she took a short nap. What a week of suffering.

Anyway...Saturday night we had a talent show in the was awesome. Elder Murua sang typical Argentine music which was sooo pretty and then Maxi played the guitar!! He's sooo cool. I loved every minute of it! Everyone in the church just loves him soo much. It's crazy. Yesterday in church Maxi got ordained to the office of priest in the aaronic priesthood! week he's gonna bless the sacrament! That is if he comes with a tiee! He doesn't like dressing formal much:)

Hey...yesterday was the 12 year anniversary of my baptism! Cool beans. I can't believe it's Agust already. This year has gone by sooo fast. Crazy crazy! This saturday they tell us transfers. Hermana Rasmussen is leaving almost for sure...I hope my zone leaders stay the same though. Half of my district is leaving...Elder Murua...Hermana Judd...Hermana Rasmussen...Elder Tingey...yep...that's exactly half! Puuucha.

Well...have a great week! I love you all sooo much! Keep being excellent! Read your scriptures and say your prayers!! :)

Hermana Heath

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