Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy MONDAY! :)

Hola Familia!

This week was crazy and since it's a holiday here in Argentina the cibers aren't open so I've got 30 minutes on the chapel computer. Awesome. companion Hermana Davis finally got here on Thursday...we had two good work days...and then on Sunday she got sick and we had to stay in the pension all day. Talk about the longest day of my life. I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life when I finish the mission. It's sooo boring. Haha. Oh well...I'll worry about that when it comes!

So...crazy stories from this week? On Friday morning we had a district meeting. It was really depressing...they Split the district here in Caleta because there's ten missionaries plus two from puerto deseado...anyway...I'm now in a district with four missionaries. One of them is always talking up front...which means it's companion...the district leader...and his companion. Puuucha. Smallest district of the mission for me so far. We'll see how it goes! When the missionaries came through I did get to see a bunch of old friends...Elder Elliz is gonna be finishing his misión in Comodoro in two transfers. I saw Elder Ramos my old zone leader and Elder Gutiérrez from Rio Grande....and guess what? Hermana Hundley and Hermana Garavito are gonna be companions!

On Saturday morning my companion and I were doing contacts in a part of our área that's medio dangerous....anyway...we were minding our own business knocking some doors when out of no where like 5 cop cars come driving up and a bunch of pólice officers with BIG guns got out...there were surrounding a van and banging on companion and I quickly left that Street before we got shot. That was quite the experience. I think it was a drug bust....they were big boy guns. Freaky. Haha.

Well...that's all I can come up with for right I'm practically out of time. I will share something though that I've been studying. Sincé I had the day Sunday in the pension I decided to study (like all day) but I dedicated an hour to the plan of salvation and I learned a lot! We always think of the celestial kingdom as the final goal, right? Well...that's because it is...FOR US. The people in the other two kingdoms will be there because that's what their "goal" is so to speak. In D&C 88:22, 25-26, 32-33 it talks a Little bit about the people that can't live a celestial law wont be able to handle a celestial favorite is in verse 32 that talks about how we will go where we want to....we will enjoy the blessings of the kingdom we are willing to receive. In other words...we have our agency...and if we don't want to live the laws of a celestial glory here...we wont want to live them after this life either. So...the people that go to the terrestrial kingdom aren't there because they just "didn't make it" ...they're there because that's where they want to be. I don't know if that made any sense...but I thought it was kind of cool. Study it a Little bit if ya'll have time:)

Okay...have a great week! I love you all sooo much! You're always in my thoughts and prayers! Oh...and I hope mom and dad had a good anniversary...I did think about you that day I just didn't realice last monday that it was coming up so quick! :)


Hermana Heath

Oh...and I was so excited you got to see the McDonalds! Next time you see them tell them hello:) I think I found the southern cross....I think. But either way it's a cool cross in the southern sky! :)

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