Monday, January 5, 2015


Querida Family,

It's 2015! What?! I can't even believe it. 2014 was the best year of my life... and the hardest. I love being a missionary. I learned so much and had so many incredible experienes that have changed me and my life forever! I've never been so happy in my life! I wish I could stay here in the Patagonia forever. Life couldn't be better! :)

This Saturday my comp and I have a baptism...Stella. She's great...and a lil crazy...but it's common among these Argentines in the Patagonia so dont worry! She's super prepared and happy and excited for her baptism...we're just hoping and praying that it doesn't fall through...again. Other than her, we're looking for new investigators. I love Rio has practically transformed into a ghost town...everyone is on that makes things hard...but I really do like the city and the members are awesome!

I dont' really have much to say this week. On new years day we got to watch monsters inc 2...monsters university. It was suuuper cute. Then we played in the chapel as a zone. It was super fun. I love my zone:) I love missionaries. So many friendships that will last for a long time:)

On saturday we had zone conference with President and Hermana Rogers. It was awesome. I love learning from them. President said he'll think about sending us to EL CALAFATE in two weeks if we work hard. I hope he lets us gooo....I wanna go sooo bad. It's a huuuge glacier and the pictures are GORGEOUS! I think he'll let us go:) anyway...we're gonna keep working hard in the mean time:) i love my companion...she's an absolute angel. Couldn't be happier! Hahaa...

Well family...have a great week! I kinda missed you last week...that was a little bit werid. Homesickness hasn't really been a problem for me in my mission..what's happening?! hahaha...but don't ya'll a few days I'll go back to not missing you anymore...hahahaa just kiddding. I think about you all the're always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all sooooo much!!! Thank you for your love and support! The church is true friends so keep going every sunday. Read the book of mormon...we're currently reading it together as a mission...we have to finish by april 6th. It's the best book ever...especially in spanish! :) ok...bye!

Hermana Heath

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