Monday, January 19, 2015


Hola Familia!!

I have nooo time. Puucha. So...real quick. This week was pretty crazy. We don't have any investigators with baptismal dates which is always a bummer. This week we're gonna find nuevos a full! Lots of contacting ahead:) week I went to the clinic here in Gallegos to have them look at my eye. Last thursday while walking in wind a little rock flew into my eye and I couldn't get it out..but don't panic friends...on saturday morning it was still bugging me so Hermana Leiva took me to the clinic and the doctor looked at my eye and pulled it in a whole bunch of weird ways and then he just gave me some eye drops..he said the rock was no longer was just a little red and irritated. the drops burn...but I'm okay...and the doctor didn't leave me blind. that was a legit fear when I went in:) hahaha. I don't like argentine doctors.

Also...tomorrow we're going to calafate as a zone to see the glaciars!! I'm suuuper excited! Next week there will be pictures I'm sure:)

Also...if you can keep Hermana Myriam Arriola and her family in your prayers. Her son Juan Gabriel Balado left the house last saturday...9 days ago...and never came home. they think he had a panic attack and lost his memory. it has happened in the past but he was always at home. please pray for them and ifyou can put their names in the temple. I LOVE YOU ALL!

until next time,
Hermana Heath

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