Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey family...

It was sooo good talking to you all on Christmas! I was suuuper happy I got to talk to Matthew...err...Elder Heath too:) That made my day. I didn't think I was gonna get to talk with him:)

This week for new years we're gonna be with the same family...the only difference? The four Elders from our branch are gonna crash our party! Puuuucha. All six of us are gonna be together which will actually be really fun. I love this time of year in Argentina:) Oh...and we're gonna watch Monsters Inc 2...I'm super excited. I've also never seen that movie. Frozen was sooo cute. I've been singing the songs all week long.

This week we've got some more service planned as a district:) We're really excited. Yesterday was Elder Boyd's birthday so we had a small party in the church...we told him it was a meeting with the Elders quorum president. It was fun. After we played that game where you tie the balloon around your ankle and have to pop other peoples. It was fun...I took second place:) Hahaha.

Sooo...I think I pretty much to you everything on Thursday. But...I'm sure you've all seen the video the church made this year for Christmas..."He is the gift" Remember, Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He is the gift. I love the video. It's really powerful:)

Yesterday as a district we took some time to share with each other our favorite was really cool. I came across seccion 31 in D&C...the section mom shared with me before the mission. Last night I read it again... inserting my own name and remembered lots of promises and blessings from my setting apart. How quickly this year went by! Puuucha. I'm not ready to come home yet friends. I'm determined to stay foreverrr! :)

Well..have a very happy new year! I love you all! Em and some good disney movies for looks like you got a pretty good colection:)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week:)

Hermana Heath

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