Monday, December 8, 2014

17 daysss:)

Hola Familia,'s officially the Christmas season here in Argentina. On December 8th everyone starts to set up their trees and decorations and weird Santa dolls with stringy beards. I think it's a catholic tradition...and Argentina kinda adopted it. Crazies! I can't believe how quickly this year went by. Are ya'll excited to talk to meee? :)

This week was reallly long..but it was a good one. Remember Griselda and Miguel? They're supposed to get baptized this weekend! Keep them in your prayers please! They're amazing..the only problem is they moved to the area of the Elders yesterday...puuucha. We're gonna keep visiting them until their baptism and then we'll start to have visits with the Elders and eventually they'll take over with the retention lessons. I'm gonna miss visiting them...we go almost every single day. Such a great family:)

On Friday we had zone meeting...Elder Ramos and Hermana Judd gave their last testimonies. Soo weird. Elder Ramos was one of my first zone leaders in Trelew...over a year later we were put in the same zone again. Elder Kern is finishing this week too...he's the one from Provo that I met playing volleyball in Wyview before the mission. How the time flies...I can't believe that I hit the 15 month mark this week. NO PUEDE SER!! Anyway...the zone meeting was great. I love being a missionary. It's the best ever. I learn so much every single day.

On Thursday we went out as a district to carol! We visited the menos activos and invited them to church and a chirstmas dinner we're gonna have this friday as a branch. The missionaries are in charge of the nativity...I got stuck with the role of Mary. Normally I would be okay with that..but this is not as simple as walking in with a fake baby and listening to uncle David or uncle Russell read the christmas story...this is acting...and there's a real baby involved. Acting is not my thing people. Oh should be good I guess. here's mostly for district leader always tells me jokes to keep me sane this transfer with everything going on...the other day I told him the "what do a duck and a bike have in common?" he didnt' find it very funny...I think it was cause he didn't understand.

Okay..well I have to go! Have a great week!! :) I LOVE YOU ALL! The church is trueeee:)

Hugs from Rio Gallegos!
Hermana Heath

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