Monday, December 15, 2014

TRANSFERS CAMEEE! ...por fin! :)

Hola Familia,

Soo...I'm pretty much out of time. Again. How does that happen so fast?! Beats me. Anyway...this week was really long...but it was good. We had lots of fun activities in the church. On tuesday we had district meeting which was awesome. I had to talk about christlike attributes...I've learned a lot about them this transfer. On wednesday we went christmas caroling as a hermana in the branch made us santa hats and everything :) On Friday we had our christmas dinner as a branch. We did the live nativity...but it looks like you already found that out...the members here are really good with facebook apparently. hahaa. Anyway...I was Maria...and i got to hold a baby...for all you RM's you know that we're not supposed to hold babies...but what was I gonna do? Make Joseph hold it? No way Jose! I definitely took advantage of that opportunity...and I loved it...i almost didn't give little baby benjamin back. he's the son of the elders investigators. Soooo cute. I was in heaven. Best day made the embarassment worth it:) On saturday as missionaries we sang at seminary/institute graduation. it was fun! then they told us transfers. I'm gonna be training. I go to comodoro tomorrow night to pick her up...another loooong bus ride. wish me luck! Hermana rodriguez is going to ushuaia with hermana reyes. she's got awesome zone leaders down there so she'll be okay. Well family...I don't have much else to share this week. Griselda and Miguel didn't end up getting baptized. Puuucha. They're soo close. keep praying for them. the elders are gonna take over i've gotta find new investigators!! I love rio gallegos. the families here are AMAZING! There's one family in particular the familia fernandez that takes such good care of me. I LOVE THEM! :)

Have a great week! sorry for the short unorganized letter. I love you week we're gonna skype! shoot. I forgot..I haven't checked on times with members or anything. i'll let you know the'll probably be in the 6:00 my time...2:00 your time. when are you gonna talk with matthew? christmas came fast! next monday i'll let you know for sure :)

Hermana Heath

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