Monday, February 23, 2015


Hola querida familia mía,

Soooo...I swear I did NOT forget Craig's birthday...but last monday I didn't realize how far into february we did that happen so fast?! I thought about Craig all week and I hope he had a veeeeery good pre-birthday celebration...cause it doesn't sound like the actual birthday was that great. I'm so glad he's safe and okay. I prayed for him soo much this week. God really does listen to and answer our prayers:)

So...this week we don't have much to report. I'm out of time because I spent lots of time reading...I've almost got all of the things I'm gonna bring home with I just need more room in my suitcases! Hahah...just kidding. I'm leaving lots of things behind:)

We have a baptism planned for Mario this weekend. Please keep him in your prayers! He's progressing really well..after the loss of his son last month the Lord has really softened his heart and he's readier than ever to be baptized and in a year from now seal himself to his wife and three sons. I love the gospel!!

Okay..that's all I've got...I'm sorry. Well actually I'm not. You'll be seeing me all really soon.

I LOVE YOU! Keep being excellent people. Have a wonderful week!
Oh...and Em..I don't mind sharing the bed with you! Haha...and Kim have a great and SAFE trip to Vegas and California...I'm a little bit jealous..not gonna lie.

Hugs and kisses from Rio Gallegos!!
Hermana Heath

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