Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola Queridos,

Hey fam...what's up? Well...for those of you who don't remember. Today's my birthday. I'm 20 years old. That kinda freaks me out. Not sure why. It just sounds gross sayin it. It's kinda weird cause it feels just like a normal day! ...besides the fact that my companion has wished me a happy birthday prolly like a million times and it's not even noon yet! I'm pretty sure the Elders are cooking me pizza for lunch planning to surprise me and take us to see the sea lions but I'm not supposed to know about that...oh well. Haha:) Elders are not usually known for their secret keeping abilities. Anyway...I didn't have time to read much of your emails...but you all seem to be doing well from the little bit that I skimmed. It seems like Em and Craig had a good trip...I'm only a little bit jealous...but all joking aside, can we take a family trip to lake powell one day?! :)

Well...I guess I'll start off by telling you a little bit about Caleta Olivia. I love it here for lots of reasons...A) the sun works! It actually warms us up in the day rather than just come out to mock us like it did in Rio Grande. I'm only walking around with ONE jacket now, peeps. Imaginense. Life is good:) B) There are HILLS here! I feel like I actually get a workout during the day...I had never gotten to the pension tired from walking before coming here. Cool beans. C) There are 8 missionaries that attend our branch! There's like 120 attendance each week compared to the 50 in Rio Grande:) Haha. D) We have awesome investigators! This week we put three baptismal dates with three awesome investigators...Maxi(19 years old) Hector(+50years old) and Claudia (35 years old with three adorable kids) They're super fun to teach because they progress really well. E) The members here are super nice....I'm still getting to know most of them but they're super friendly and they all give me great big hugs like they've known me forever. Well...if you think about it I guess we kinda have!! Okay...that's a good enough list for now! There are some downs though too...yesterday we didn't have light/electricity in the entire city from about 2:00AM-11:30AM. Then when we got the electricity back we lost the water until about 9:00PM. WHAT?! Haha...Argentina is weird. There's also lots of wind and my area is pure dirt. So usually when we get back to the pension our foreheads are caked in dirt. Yummy.

Man...I miss Rio Grande! Never thought I'd see the day that I would miss that crazy place!'s true. I LOVED my time there...all of it. It was super hard lots of times..but I learned a lot and learned to trust more in God. I made so many friendships there with members, investigators, and missionaries that I know I'll have for the rest of my life and definitely in the next one! I would go back in a heart beat! :) I love love love that place and it ripped my heart out all over again when I left. Pucha. The good news...or maybe bad that I have no doubt I'm gonna love Caleta:) I'm super happy to be here! companion. Hermana Rasmussen is the BEST! We're getting along super well. She's still learning spanish so I do most of the teaching and talking..but she learns quickly! :) She's sooo funny and she makes me laugh. I love her! This transfer is gonna go by really fast. Yesterday...or two days ago or something we were trying to light our oven...(since we're in Argentina you have to use matches) and it turns out that one of the tubes had separated a little bit from where the gas comes out so it was just coming out into the stove instead of through the pipe things at the bottom...I'm not sure if that make sense to you...anyway...when I put my hand in to light the stove a flame started coming out of the oven. No paso nada but I let go of the gas and we fixed the problem...lit the stove...and cooked us some lunch. Only in Argentina I'm telling you.

I hope ya'll had a good fourth of july. I kept thinking about you! :) An Elder cooked french toast and waffles for the district meeting but that was as close as it got to america. Haha. On Saturday there was a baptism. While the girl was changing the Elders made me teach the Restoration in talk form for 10 minutes...thanks for the heads up! They gave me like two minutes to prepare. Elders are awesome planners. Go team. The baptism was really nice though:) It was a good way to end my first week in Caleta! OH...and that night the Elders brought us our brand new automatic washing machine! Yahoooo:) Que bendicion, che. I am not cool with ringing clothes takes them wayyy too long to dry...

Welll...I've gotta go I'm out of time! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I love you all sooo much. I can't belive I'm gonna hit the 10 month mark this week. It's crazy how fast the time flies...I'M 20 FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! Be excellent to each other and have a good time celebrating my birthdayyy! I expect pictures next week...oh I almost forgot...Argentina passed through to the semi-finals of the world cup...yuhhh. Its crazy how crazy argentines get when it comes to soccer. They play again next wednesday...july 9th...the countrys independence day...VAMOS ARGENTINA.

I love you all. Have a great week. Hugs and kisses from Caleta Oliviaaaa:)

Hermana Heath

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