Monday, July 14, 2014


Hola mi querida family,

Well...I haven't read any of your emails...we don't have anyyy time in ciber I'll try to respond next week...however I do remember that this week is the high adventure activity with the scouts so I hope you have a great week, dad! I'll look forward to seeing some pictures after! :) Also...I heard Matthew gave an awesome farewell talk!'ve got like...8 days?! Holy smokes...that's crazzyyy! We're about to be companions, bro! I'm super super excited!! :) Enjoy your last week of music..movies...friends..girls;)..haha just kidding...but only kind of...!

Okay...well...this week was a good was really long. I feel like I haven't written you in forever! My birthday was a good day...we went to see the sea lions..and guess what?! I TOUCHED THREE OF THEM! Is that dangerous?! Probably...but they move really slow...haha. They just chill there on the public beach so we would sneak up on them and get close enough to touch them...I've got some cool pictures and a video of me touching one..but you'll have to watch that later since Elder Alvarez has it on his camera. It's pretty legit though. Anyway...we went back to the chapel and played ping pong and soccer. That night Hermana Rasmussen and I ate cookies and milk in the pension...yummmy. I can't belive I'm 20. That's super weird.

Okay...Wednesday was Independence Day in Argentina...July 9th! We had an activity in the chapel with the branch and we ate locro...which is like a soup with every kind of meat you can think of thrown in's like a patriotic(? I can't come up with the right word..) food. Cool. Then we sang the national anthem of Argentina and played some games. That day Argentina also played against the Netherlands in the world cup. President Rogers gave us permission to watch the game with a member. about 3:30PM we went with the Elders to the house of the familia Quiroga here in Caleta to watch the game together. Argentina I'm sure you already know...I was sitting next to Elder Murua...who is from Argentina and played semi-professionally before the mission...poor he suffered through that game! was soo fun though:) That night Hermana Rasmussen and I bought ice cream to celebrate Argentina's win! :)

On Thursday night we got together with the other missionaries in Caleta and we made a collage of pictures of Christ and a big plan of salvation for a street boarding activity we did on Saturday. We were all working on our boards listening to music and having a good time and out of no where PRESIDENT ROGERS showed up. Super awkward. No one even knew he was coming..he had interviews with some members for temple recommends. There's a group of members going to the temple next week! :) Anyway...that was super weird...haha. Next thursday we have a zone conference with him and Hermana Rogers.

On Saturday we had our zone meeting in the morning. It was awesome. We talked about obedience and then our zone leaders talked about love and charity. It was soo good. I loooove my zone leaders. They're awesome.  I don't remember if I told you about them but Elder Alvarez is from Chile and Elder Kern is from Provo...I actually met him before the mission at BYU..we played volleyball together in Wyview..but he started his mission in Buenos Aires Norte so we didn't make the connection until we got here to Comodoro:) Anyway...after the meeting we all ate lunch in the chapel and then we went street boarding in el centro for a couple of hours. I got put with an Hermana who got to Argentina two weeks ago. She doesn't speak any spanish so I did the was really fun though! :)

Welp...I guess that leaves us with yesterday. As you all know Argentina played Germany in the finals. I'm super bumbed they lost...but still super happy with how far they made it!! :) Anyway...we went to church in the morning...but then we had to go back to the pension after lunch....president rogers sent out a text saying we couldn't leave after we were locked up for like 6 hours yesterday with nothing to dooo! I took a nap at about 4:00 but it only lasted for about 45 minutes because the Elders were bored. We ended up talking with the zone leaders and our district leaders (since they were cheaters and were all together in a pension! luckies.) most of the afternoon. We told jokes and mostly just laughed about dumb things. Last night Hermana Rasmussen and I watched the movie Legacy. We layed out our two extra matresses in the kitchen and had  a slumber party. It was pretty fun...too bad the movie was in Spanish! Haha...they're so much better in English..oh well. Anyway...that pretty much sums up my week. It was a good one though!

I'm super happy to be here in Caleta Olivia! I miss Rio Grande soo much and after talking with Elder Tingey on Saturday who was in Rawson before coming here I got super homesick for's all good:) One day I'll make it back! birthday package came! yahooo. THANK YOU! I'm super excited to eat the mac n cheese! is my companion! Haha:)

Well...make sure Matthew's last week is EPIC! Give him lots and lots of hugs for me! :) I had sooo many dreams about home this of them was when I was already home and we were saying family prayer and it was my turn and I just missed matthew soo much. Haha...another one was at matthew's farewell and I just sat there like what the heck...this kid is going on a mission! Soooo weird. I can't believe how fast we all grew up. No puede ser!

Okay family...have an awesome week! I love you all soo much!! Until next timeee! :) Keep being excellent people. The Church is true! :) I miss you every day...almost! ...and you're always in my thoughts and prayers!

Hermana Heath

Rio Grande sunsets!! :)

a bunch of puppies...all from the same litter...?
How do you spell that?! Haha


sea lions in Caleta:)

Caleta Olivia:)

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