Monday, April 21, 2014


Querida Familia,

OH MY GOSH MATTHEW IS GOING ON A MISSION TO HOUSTON TEXAS! HE'S GONNA BE SPEAKING SPANISH! OH MY GOSH I'M FREAKING OUT HERE FREAKING OUT!! THAT'S SOOO EXCITING!! I'm honestly sooo excited to serve in the mission field with you, bud. You're gonna be the best companion EVER! :) Start studying now:) Sometime soon I'll send you a list of things to buy that would have been nice to know beforehand:) Congratulations Matthew! Wahooo for missionaries! :):):)

So, I hope ya'll had a Happy Easter! The Easter bunny got lost on his way to Rio Grande this year....Santa Claus didn't get my letter with my new address in time for Christmas...I sure hope I don't lose a tooth cause I'm guessing the tooth fairy doesn't work for Argentina. Puuucha. That's okay, one of the hermanas in the ward made us some bread and several other members gave us chocolate eggs...which in argentina are a total rip off because they're HOLLOW. Not complaining though. Haha:)

This week has been really cold. One morning it was -7 degrees Celsius when we left our apartment. That's like 20ish degrees Farenheit if I did the math right. I've been doing my studies in my sleeping bag at my desk. It's quite an effective way to stay warm. It's a real problem though when I have to get up for something...I generally end up hoping around the pension like a penguin. Good times. 

The Elder from the seventy that was supposed to come for a tour of the mission cancelled at the last minute so we didn't get to go to Ushuaia but this week we will or next week..I'm not sure on the schedule. I'm super excited! :) The zone conference, (which is different from the interviews since you asked, mom) was awesome! We talked about obedience, contacting, dropping investigators and the atonement! Hermana Rogers gave us a really cool scripture chain about the last week of Christ's life. Also, the church made a 2 minute video for Easter this year. In Spanish it's called "Gracias a El" I assume in English it's something like "Thanks to him" but it's really cool! Ya'll should watch it!

So, I officially got my mission call one year ago...I think it came on April 17th if I remember that time I was only dreaming of being in Argentina and Tierra del Fuego...crazy. Where did the year go? That also means that Emily and Craig are reaaal close to their one year mark. Wahooo! Congratulations Emily and Craig!! I love you both sooo much:)

I've got a lot to tell you but they're kicking us out of the internet cafe! I'll tell you more next week! :)

I love you all! Have a great weeek! :)

Hermana Heath

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