Monday, March 31, 2014


Hola queridos,

First of all, happy birthday MAMA! I hope you have a very very happy birthday on Sunday. Don't miss me too much, and eat lots of cake and ice cream;) I hope it's a great one! I love you!! :)

Welp, this week has been...weird. First off, interviews on Tuesday were the BEST! I love love love interviews with President. In the training part of the day he talked about visions and goals. We should set plans to reach goals, and set goals to reach a vision. He talked about the importance of working in unity if we want to reach the vision of building a temple here in the Patagonia. For example, a companionship can get a baptism, but only a district can change a branch into a ward, and only a zone can change a district into a stake...and it's gonna take a mission to build a temple! I love listening to President talk, because he truly is inspired and has been called at this time to lead the mission...of that I have no doubts:) My interview with President Rogers was great. He told me all the plans he has for Rio Grande and Ushuaia...they're big plans! But I'm not aloud to tell:) I told him what's been hard for me this transfer and we talked a lot...the whole time he just looked at me with his knowing and loving smile. He's sooo good. I don't know how else to say it. My interview with Hermana Rogers was sooo great...for the first fifteen minutes we just made jokes about Argentina. She's the best. We laughed so hard, but then we remembered that it was an we talked about the pension, the area, and our companionship. I love her. To finish off the conference, President talked about the lost sheep in John 10. The lost sheep represent the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. They are the chosen ones, the ones that will not only hear the voice of the good shepherd, but recognize it. We, as missionaries and members, have the opportunity to speak with that voice so that God's "lost" children can come home...and if we find a someone who doesn't belong to the family of Jacob, we adopt them in with lots of love. Always be on the lookout for the lost sheep:)

Seriously...Emily and Craig have been married for 11 months? ...freaky.

This week there's been lots of fun things. First, since general conference is this weekend we get to visit everyone and share the same came out in the New Era I talks about the appointment we have with God this weekend. We definitely should be present and PREPARED. How are you preparing for this weekend? God is getting ready to talk to us through the mouths of his prophets and apostles. It's gonna be sooo cool! Make sure you're ready!! :) Second, it rained all week long. No joke. Do you know what a small town looks like after 7 days of almost non-stop rain? Flooded. Puddle jumping has taken on a whole new meaning. The bad news, is that I still don't have boots that are good. The members in Chacra gave the other Hermanas like 5 pairs so I'm hoping one of those will work for me, because they are sooo expensive to buy. I bought a beanie this morning and payed like $30. Ridiculous...imagine what boots would cost? I'm hoping I don't have to find out! :) At this point, I probably hate rain more than Noah. No joke. I'm praying that it won't rain all's gonna be rough. The cold I can deal with, the wind I can deal with, the rain I cannot deal with. It makes it miserable to walk around. But, it's gonna be okay. Heavenly Father is teaching me Preach My Gospel it says that patience is the ability to deal with delays and inconveniences without getting upset, anxious, or frustrated. Boy have I got a long way to go with the rain. Hahaa..wish me luck people. Wish me luck.

Oh, here's something that I've been meaning to tell you since the first day I got to Rio Grande, but I keep forgetting. So you know the movie Kung Fu Panda? I don't remember the name of the turtle master guy...but you know how he has the cane? Well, Maria here in Rio Grande reminds me EXACTLY of the turtle from the movie. No joke. You know the part in the movie when the turtle chooses Poe to fight...the bad guy...gees Emily's gonna disown me for not remembering any of the names...but he points his finger? Well...Maria does the exact same thing in the same exact way when she chooses someone for the prayer. It's the best. Always makes me smile:)

Wanna know the best part of the week? Okay, I'll tell you. This week Satan was working on me really hard. After two miserable days of thoughts and feelings that definitely were not coming from God. I never realized before exactly how much power Satan has. It's a little bit freaky. He knows us soo well and knows exactly how to make us fall. The good news? We have more power! My zone leader, Elder Julcahuanca, gave me a blessing Saturday morning and I've been really really good since:) I'm so thankful for worthy Priesthood holders:)

Alright family, I gotta go. Thanks for the package! I loved it!! :) Although, I gave both of the Snickers mom sent to my zone leaders since they came and brought me the package and were there when I opened it. It's okay though...I've got lots of chocolate kisses that will last me a long time:) You people know me too well. Thank you! I love you all!

Have a fantastic week and I hope you enjoy general conference this weekend! It's gonna be soo good:) No sleeping through it, eh? Hahaha...I love you all! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!! :)

Hermana Heath

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