Monday, March 10, 2014

What the fetch?

Hello Family,

How's life? I've been super excited to write to you all week..and I don't even know why because I don't have anything to tell you. Hahaha. I'll start by answering questions. for the picture...Elder Tarwater and Hermana Alexandra Carter are both in my district. Elder Elliz is the short one with glasses but he's not in my district, the zone leaders just came to our meeting:) Elder Lamb is in my zone, not my district.

Here in Rio Grande we don't have a mission leader so the lunches we have to call and ask people to invite us. But for this month we've got lunch every day except for Saturdays. But yes, they feed us like they did in rawson. So much food. And unfortunately there is not a panaderia right around the corner from the pension.

Okay...I thought of something. Remember how I said I hadn't used my sleeping bag yet? Well...apparently when I got here it was hot. Who knew? I was freezing. Turns out I didn't know what the world cold means. I will be using my sleeping bag every night for the rest of my stay here in Rio Grande. It's sooo cold. Our calefactor doesn't even come close to keeping the pension warm when there's so much wind because we're in Argentina and there's places the wind comes straight into the pension. Awesome. It's a killer to get out of bed in the morning because of the cold and it's even harder to get in the shower.  It's starting to get darker earlier and the sun comes out later every morning. This is the weirdest thing ever. The wind is sooo strong. In order to talk while walking around we have to yell to hear each other. It's soo strong. Sometimes it comes in big gusts and stops us in our tracks...literally. Weird. Wanna know what the members tell me? "Oh Hermana...this isn't even cold yet." Comforting words for sure. I'm gonna die.

That's cool that you got to listen to Elizabeth Smart. I remember the day she was found really well. Dr. Looman came on the intercom and announced it.  I did remember Grandma's birthday this week and thought a lot about her... mostly imagining what her mission would have been like...haha:)

Last week was Carnaval here in Argentina. There was a big parade in Rio Grande but it wasn't in our area so we didn't get to see :( It's more of a big deal in the north. But it's no where close to Brazil and other countries. Rio Grande I'm still getting to know but it seems to be an alright place...haha.. jokes..I actually really like it here. I'm still working on not missing Rawson too much and the people there:) I've dreamt about Rawson almost every single night in Rio Grande...weird.

Alright...I'm out of stuff for the week. Oh wait...two members tried to feed me fish this week. I'm proud to say that only one of them succeded. Gross. But of course...we eat it with a smile and tell them it's delicious. Is it bad to lie? Hahaha...whoops. I think this situation doesn't count... much pasta. I hate pasta. Especially fideos con tuco. It's like pasta with gross red sauce...kill me. Yesterday we ate that for lunch.

So...wanna hear some weird things about Argentina? I've started making a list because I know I'll never remember all the strange things about Argentina. So...first...everyone here says fetch. Why? I have no idea...but whatever makes ya happy right? Also...when you buy eggs here there's always feathers in the carton. Baking soda can only be bought in a farmacy. Oh...and everything is's like we're shopping in the airport or something. Everyone here thinks Manu Ginobli is the best player in the NBA...haha... that's cute. What a joke. I'm almost out of time today I'll write more next week! I'm still getting to know my area and the people. The members are good...and very few in number:) We've got lots of work to do in Rio Grande!! Today we're gonna have an asado with some recent converts Maria and Marcelo. They're awesome! I like being in their house...feels like home! Or Rawson...haha.

Have a great week! I love you all sooo much and pray for you every day! Keep being excellent! :) 

Chau chau!
Hermana Heath

 Hermana Tumbaico and I.
The freezing cold whether doesn't stop us from eating ice cream!!

yep...that's a turtle!!

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