Monday, March 24, 2014

Gone with the wind...literally.

Hola Familia,

So, it's a little later than usual that I'm writing to you. Weird. we were supposed to have a birthday party for an Elder, but he and his companion didn't show up because they're doing service. Good for them. We'll go meet up with them after I think.

First off, I was so so sad to hear about Grandpa Olsen! He has been like my grandpa for sooo long. It made me so happy that he was at church the day of my farewell because I felt like he was there in the place of Grandma and Grandpa Springer. Such a good man. I love him! I'm so glad to know that God has a plan for us and that families are eternal! He's now with his sweet wife in a happy and better place:) The Olsen family is in my prayers!

Well, this week has been nuts. The winds got up to 98 kph...which I think is somewhere around 40 mph. SO STRONG. It's crazy. They tell us not to walk with our hands in our pockets no matter how cold it is because sometimes things fly and people have been killed from flying objects. Huh. The people here say this is nothing yet...the winds supposedly get up to 150kph. I might tell President in my interview tomorrow that it might just be best if he sends me back to Rawson. I'm still not a fan of the cold weather:) But seriously...the wind is so strong. Sometimes it's easier to just run with it instead of try to keep a walking pace. Hahaha...when we run though our steps are like the Neil Armstrong cartoon steps on the moon. HUGE! I feel like I'm flying joke. The strength of the wind is impressive. On thursday it rained all afternoon. Talk about a downer. Don't have a hood and my boots soaked through quickly...that meant nearly 6 hours walking around with wet hair and wet feet. You know how men get when they're hungry? I think the cold has the same effect on me...I get all grouchy and angry at the world. God is helping me develop's coming...slow and steady wins the race. REALLY slow and steady.

This week we did a tsunami in Chacra. Basically it's just when the whole zone helps a companionship in their area for a day. After lunch on Thursday we met up at the pension of the Elders and split up to work in their area. It was awesome! In just 3 hours, the Elders got 70 contacts, 10 new investigators, 4 new baptismal dates, and a lesson with a member! It was really cool and I was so happy we got to help the Elders. They have a really hard area and usually spend most of their p-days contacting and working hard! I look up to them a lot...they're super diligent. It was cool to see what we can accomplish as a zone! Miracles:)

Oh...the best part of Thursday? Our dessert after lunch? S'mores (cooked in the microwave) and a peanut butter sandwich. I never thought of a PB sandwich as a dessert...Argentina's weird...but I wasn't complaining because I got to eat PEANUT BUTTER. How I've missed that creamy goodness. Sigh. Oh, and my companion got bit by a dog. I wasn't with her cause we were on divisions. She's harm no foul, right? Haha. There's soo many dogs. It's actually really sad.

This week I was soo tired. On Friday night I swear I hadn't even closed my eyes when the alarm went off the next morning. During our lunch hour we took a short nap since we ate in the pension. It felt good...even though on my part it was an accident:) Haha...I was reading my scriptures and next thing I knew it was time for our appointment! :) I've got a plan for when I get home from the mission. The first person I'm going to see is dad. He'll give me an adjustment, and then from there I'll go straight to Dr. Markham to take care of my teeth (don't worry they're not rotting or anything....but I just feel like they are). Next, I'm going to get my hair taken care of. Then I'm going to get a pedicure. And then I plan on sleeping for a week. After that time, you're all welcome to ask about my mission and visit me in my recovery bed.

This year, I put the goal to read all of the standard works in Spanish. I'ts been a cool experience so far. I realized though that I don't like the Old Testament much. It kinda freaks me out. The good news, there's lots of awesome stories! Like Joseph when his brothers sold him into Egypt...when he is reunited with his brothers and dad I cried. Not sure why...but it's the coolest story ever! Anyway...also, Doctrine and Covenants? Coolest book EVER! The Scriptures are the best ever. Seriously. I wish I had understood a lot earlier in life the importance of really studying (not just reading) the scriptures. We can learn so much and as Nefi said, we can apply them!

Weird thing about Argentina this week? They have this obsession with mayonaise here...they put mayonaise on EVERYTHING. Also...hamburgers in argentina are just the patty. They don't come with a bun or condiments. Crazy argentines.

Well family, have a fantastic week! I love you all soo much! Keep being excellent! Don't forget to say your prayers!! :) week I'll probably write late again! Sorry...we're gonna go to Cabo Domingo with some members!

Hermana Heath

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