Monday, February 24, 2014


Hola Queridos,

Well, this week has been one of the longest in the mission...can you guess why? TRANSFERS! Well, that and almost all of our appointments were cancelled throughout the week...I'm glad to hear things are going well at home! Glad Craig's birthday celebrations were fun! Wish I could have been there! I thought about you guys all day and even made some french fries with fry sauce at night to options were severely limited :) Haha... anyway, can you believe it's almost march? Can you believe that in three weeks I'll have completed a third of my mission? So crazy. So terrifying.

Well...I know the only thing you really wanna know about is transfers:) Saturday night the zone got together in Trelew for a baptism and then afterward they announced the changes. Anyone wanna know where I'm going?? It's been 4 amazing (and extremely short) months in Rawson...but I guess Heavenly Father thinks it's time for me to go. I'm not convinced...but gotta have faith right? ...Welp, I'M GOING TO CHILE!! My new area is Rio Grande...which is in Tierra del Fuego...just three hours north of other words three hours from the bottom of the world...WHAT?! So, I get to pass through Chile on my way and we get to take a boat which will be pretty sweet. On the down side...I'm pretty sure I'm looking at 24 hours minimum on a bus...pray for me people. My new companion is Hermana Tumbiaco(?) or something like that. I don't remember but she's from Ecuador. She's only got two transfers in the mission and so I'll be senior companion...yikes. I'm excited to meet new people...but I'm super sad to go. It was super hard saying goodbye to people yesterday! I'm also sooo sad that Hermana Hundley and I only got one transfer together. She is seriously amazing. I love her. So easy to get along with, so fun to teach with, and on top of that we have so much fun together all the time. I would love to stay with her for another transfer...or two...or three...or the rest of my mission:) Changing companions is reallyyy scary! haha. Every day I come up with another reason the mission is so hard. Yesterday I came up with about 50...haha:)

So, I leave today from Trelew at 3:00PM. I travel alone to Comodoro...and then I'm supposed to meet up with a bunch of missionaries there. We'll see! I'm actually really excited...and a lot nervous. It'll be a hard transfer, but it'll be a good one! Elder Elliz is the zone leader there so I'm super excited that I get to see him and work with him again!! :)

Sorry, this letter is a little bit scattered but I'm running on very little sleep here...I think 7 hours total in the last two days. It's been rough. Packing and getting everything ready to go is a big job...which is weird since my pension is tiny and most of my things stayed in my suitcase to begin with. Yesterday we visited Mariela and Agustina, Carlos and Soledad, the Familia Pranes, and then the Familia Chemin. Guess who cried A LOT yesterday?? Yep...Hermana Heath. It was sooo hard! When we got to Carlos' house he told me I looked tired..."you're eyes are all red!" Yes...I was pretty much dead on my feet yesterday, but that was not the reason my eyes were red:) hahaha. Being in Hermano Chemin's house yesterday pretty much killed me. It was definitely the hardest.

This morning we finished packing and then bought some facturas... DELICIOUS. I'm gonna miss having a bakery right outside my pension! haha:) It's a good thing and a bad thing! I'm trying not to think too much and just go with the flow at the's gonna be an interesting couple of days!

Umm...I'm trying to think if anything exciting happened this week. Elder Verges is officially in Comodoro working in the offices. The assistants came on Monday to take him away. Oh, did I tell you that Hermano Chemin isn't the mission leader anymore? Well, he's not. The new one is Gabi Mayor...he's awesome.

Okay...I can't think of anything else. Mostly because my mind keeps wandering. I'll write a better email next week. Wish me luck in my travels! I'll try not to get left at the border of Chile...apparently that happened once. I've only heard really good things about Rio Grande. I'm excited to meet the people there! It'll be a fun, and very very cold and windy experience:)

I love you!

Hermana Heath

Hermana companion EVER!

Familia Chemin :)

Leaving my pension for the last time!

(don't mind all the water spots on my shirt...hehe)

GOIN' TO HOGWARTS!'s a soccer jersey
of one of the professional teams here...GO BOCA!!

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