Monday, February 17, 2014


Hola Queridos,

This week has been LOCO! I'm glad it's finally over...but unfortunately this week is probably gonna be just as crazy! I haven't had time to read any of your emails...but I'm assuming ya'll are doing great! It looks like Matthew had fun at Preference...just for the halibut...hahaha...cracked me up. That's clever. I hope kimberly is feeling better. I noticed mom's email said something about the stomach flu. That's no fun...oh...and the olympics? Since being in Argentina I don't know if I've come to like or dislike the United States more...I will tell you though that hearing about the olympics gave me a moment of homesickness...I wanna watch sooo bad. It's not a big deal in Argentina so I had completely forgotten! Watch lots for meee!

Well, lets start off with a shout out to the CRAIG MIESTER MIESTER CRAIG!!! Happy birthday, Bro! I know it's still a couple days away...but I hope it's the best one yet! Eat lots of  yummy cake for me...and definitely some ice chocolate chip?! I think Emily said she's paying...:) Anyway, I'm super happy that you're part of our crazy, but awesome family! I think you're pretty great and wish you the very best in this next year of life! Have a wonderful day! Hugs from the bottom of the worldddd! :) Love youuu!

Well, like I said, this week was a lil bit nuts. Lets start with Elder Verges. He's doing really well! Hahaha...that's what he tells me anyway...but I'm pretty sure his ankle hurts more than he lets on...but overall he's doing good! Last monday we spent a few hours chillin' by his hospital bed. Poor kid hadn't showered in like 3 days...wanna know why? The hospital didn't have water. I know, super sketch. The HOSPITAL didn't have WATER. Is that even possible? The saddest part? I wasn't even surprised when he told me...I'm becoming accustomed to Argentine sketchiness! HELP! Haha. was soo hot and there were mosquitos everywhere. He was very excited to get out of the hospital in Rawson and go to a clinic in Trelew. He didn't have surgery until Friday...almost a week after he broke his ankle! One of the other joys of go to the hospital and get a turn. They tell you to come back on a certain day at a certain time. Argentina. It's a blast. Anyway, he stayed in the zone leaders pension in Trelew from Monday night until Friday morning. President came to Trelew for the surgery and left shortly after...I didn't get to see him, but everything went well luckily! Elder Verges is moving around on crutches and his ankle is in a giant boot. He leaves for Comodoro today :( We're gonna miss him! It's okay though. Everyone keeps telling me my next area is gonna be Comodoro anyway...we'll see! Haha...anyway, thanks for your prayers! It's been a stressful week! We saw Elder Verges yesterday for the first time since Monday. It was good to see him!

Agustina's baptism was beautiful just like her mom's! It was such a great day! Hermana Hundley and I made cookies again:) But, I can't even describe my feelings. There just aren't words. There are lots of things in the mission that you can't understand outside of the mission. You just have to be hereee! Wanna come visit me??:) But seriously, it has been the biggest blessing to be able to see Mariela and Agustina change their lives for the gospel. It's a miracle! God is so good. I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of it! I have learned so much from them and their testimonies! I love them soo much! It was a great night...but one that pulled at my heart strings a lot. Hermano Chemin gave a talk on the Holy Ghost...and the spirit was so strong but as I watched him talk to Agustina my heart couldn't take it. I started to cry...I don't know how I'm ever gonna say goodbye to these people. I've always heard people say their heart literally felt like it was breaking in half...but never actually believed them until now. This part of the mission is the worst. But, I've got lots of amazing memories here in Rawson and there are people and friendships that I'll have for the rest of my life...Hermana Hundley shared a scripture with me this week...D&C's pretty neat! You should read it!

So the funny story of the week? Well actually it wasn't funny...but here it is anyway. This week we did divisions with our sister training leader so I spent an afternoon in Trelew one day and the next day my companion was in Trelew all day. While I was in Trelew with another Hermana, we visited a menos activo family. Apparently the man doesn't like the United States or gringos. Did you know that I'm a prideful spoiled rich kid and won't ever have to work a day in my life? Did you also know that I'm selfish and have no business being in Argentina because this culture and these people mean nothing to me? Did you also know that I don't have a heart? Cool, right? Oh...and fun trivia question for ya'll...How many times can one person get called "yankee" in a lesson? Well...I lost count after the first five minutes...but it's more than 11. Pretty much left that lesson feeling like an awful person... well...technically we didn't the middle of this guy's anti-american rant there was a car accident right outside. Luckily everyone was okay... thinking back...I think that car crash might have been one of the tender mercies of the Lord...I was more than happy to be leaving that house. Good times.

Oh, also. Christmas came late this year for everyone except for me! Everyone in my district got a Christmas package last week. It was pretty great...the Elders have been rocking their Christmas ties this week! Haha..too funny. Also, Hermano Chemin got released yesterday as ward mission leader. He had told us before so we wouldn't be too shocked, but it still killed me to hear it said in Sacrament Meeting. He has been an amazing help to this work here in Rawson, and he still will be, he just won't be as directly involved. I'm so thankful that I was able to work with him for as long as I did in Rawson! He's my hero. For reals!

Well, today we're going to Trelew for the going home party of our awesome zone leader Elder Haroldsen. I'm gonna miss him sooo much. He's sooo funny! I'm bumbed I only got to be with him for one transfer. Can I just say...I LOVE MISSIONARIES! Hah!

Have a fantastic week peeps! I love you all and you're always in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for your love and support and make sure to give each other lots of hugs and kisses! (Especially to the birthday boyyyy!) You're the best! Keep reading your scriptures everyday and don't forget to say your prayersss!

Forever and always...CHAU!

Hermana Heath

Mariela's baptism!!
Agustina, Hermana Heath, Mariela, Hermana Hundley

 Agustina's baptism!! :)

Missing Elder Verges! ...but I love my district in Rawson :)

My district outside of the church :)

playing tetris :) on our way to lunch with Gustavo Chemin!

In the hospital with the cripple...Elder Verges!

making cookies with Agustina and Mariela
for the yummiest object lesson I've ever participated in :)

The Chemins treated their favorite missionaries
to some ice cream :)

The Elders cooking us lunch. Tan amables...:)

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