Monday, February 10, 2014

Missionary or Mother?

Hola Family,

Well, this week has been crazy! It's probably been the hardest week of the mission so far. I'm soooo tired...but it's okay! :) Staying strong...I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. I can't believe Joseph Pearce is already home from his mission?! What? That's crazy. Time flies!

So, last Monday we went to Trelew and played soccer and volleyball. It was fun. Then we visited Mariela and Agustina. The exciting news?! We put a new baptismal date with Agustina for February in THIS SATURDAY... and she said yes! She's been really excited with all the preparation and last week told us that she got her answer. The best part? She found her answer in the Book of Mormon. That's the best way:) I love helping people find help and answers in the scriptures!

On Tuesday we had a district meeting. We talked even more about finding new investigators and making contacts. We did some role plays...have I mentioned I HATE role plays? Well I do. But, they help, so we do them anyway. Haha.

On Wednesday I don't really remember what happened. I'm sure it was a great day though!! Thursday is a blur as well...the problem is I don't have my journal or a list of things I was going to tell you...bad call on my part cause I can't remember anything! It's sooo weird. I don't know where the time goes... but it sure does motivate me to work hard every single day!! Friday Nani Velazquez had an activity in the church. He did a piano concert with his own compositions. It was incredible! Unfortunately we didn't get to stay to the end since we're missionaries and we need our sleep:) but we got some new investigators from it! That's always a blessing. I LOVE finding new people to teach:) It's the best! One of my favorite principles to teach is "God is our loving Heavenly Father." It's always so cool to see the people learn about the loving nature of God.

Saturday was a CRAZY day. It started out with us forgetting to turn on our alarm the night before which means we didn't wake up until 7:00AM. I HATE waking up's only happened a few times...but I always feel guilty. Anyway, we got up late...hurried to get ready so we could start our studies on time and then went to the Church to eat a delicious lunch the Elders so kindly prepared for us...while they cooked, Hermana Hundley and I ate a couple cookies and prepared for the English class. We taught them how to pray in English. It was really neat. There's something really special about a simple prayer...which is all these crazy Argentines can do at this point:)

Then the Elders had an activity with the youth of the ward after. Hermana Hundley and I cleaned the dishes since the Elders cooked and then we left to go to an make a long story short, all our appointments were cancelled within a 10 minute period. Not long after Mariela sent us a text saying that she wouldn't be home for our appointment because she was in the hospital with Elder Verges. Turns out Elder Verges twisted his ankle funny and broke his fibula down by the ankle. Luckily it was a clean break, but still..he's got a broken ankle. Mariela, bless her heart, drove him and his companion to the hospital. Hermana Hundley and I, since we had no other plans, walked to the hospital to see what was going on. Walking into the hospital felt like going back in time to the 1920's WWI hospitals...sooo sketchy. Elder Verges is in a room with an old guy that has diabetes...he's doing really well, but, they're gonna have to do surgery. So, basically from 6:00PM until 10:30PM Hermana Hundley and I got to play mom. We had to make sure he ate something, was drinking know...all the things that moms do. We were busy talking to the zone leaders and the nurses, while Elder Verges talked with President and his family. Mariela, bless her heart, was there the whole time. She's sooo sweet. In case you didn't just catch what I just said, Mariela...the lady that just got baptized last week, spent her whole friday night in the hospital with 6 missionaries cracking jokes and making fun of the nurses who weren't as friendly as they could have been. Have I mentioned that I love her?!

We're still arranging things for Elder Verges' surgery...but we think it's gonna go down tomorrow in Trelew. Please please please keep him in your prayers!! Today our p-day is gonna be super fun...sitting...or shall I say standing in the hospital keeping the cripple company. Good times. Yesterday we were incharge of giving Elder Verges and the zone leader who stayed the night with them's good times. Also, since he was super bored, in all of our appointments yesterday we asked for jokes...we sent him a steady stream of them all day to give him something to laugh at. I didn't understand hardly any of them...Spanish humor is weird. I'll keep you updated with how he's doing! Luckily he won't have to go home to Cordoba for the recovery..I think he'll be in the offices in Comodoro for the next transfer.

Well, that's it for this week! I'm doing well despite the everything going on! The mission is hard, but that's okay because it helps us to grow and improve! Have a fantastic week! I love you all sooo much!

forever and always,

Hermana Heath

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