Monday, November 3, 2014 I come!!

Dear Family...

So...I made the mistake of reading everyone's emails before writing to all of you guys and now you're not gonna get a very good or long letter. Anyway... my head is spinning a little bit...but I'm not saying anything until someone confirms my thoughts.

Anyway...they told us transfers on Saturday night. I'm going to Rio Gallegos. I leave tonight at 9:00PM. I'm sad to leave Caleta and Maxi and the familia Zampa, and Natalia...plenty of tears have already been shed. Maxi is coming to the terminal tonight so I haven't had to say goodbye to him yet. Anyway... I'm excited to go to Rio Gallegos. I think. My new companion is Hermana Rodriguez I think.

This week was good. It flew by. Will the time ever slow down? I doubt it. Next week the apostle is coming. It's Elder Christofferson...but shhh don't tell anyone. Technically I'm not supposed to know that...none of the other missionaries know yet. Hermana Zampa told me yesterday(we ate cinammon rolls again yesterday!)...she has good contacts in the church:) Haha...anyway.

Well...for Halloween I dressed up as an Elder. I had a tie and everything. I borrowed Elder Dunford's name tag. Good times. Not as exciting as Emily and Craig I suppose.

We did an activity on Saturday night in the church..."trip to Hawaii." It's awesome...remind me to explain it to you one day.

Well...have a great week. I love you all. Bye!

Hermana Heath

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