Monday, November 25, 2013

Hermana...what's your last name?


Como andan?! So, first off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EMAILS THIS WEEK! I LOOOOVE HEARING FROM YOU! I hope you're all doing well. I pray for you every single day and I think about you all the time...while still keeping my focus on my calling here in Argentina, of course:)

I have so much to tell you about this week. It was a really hard week, but so many funny and good things came from it!!

So, like I said, this week was another rough one. We had three investigators tell us that they didn't want us to come back. So sad, but I have faith that one day they will be ready to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and I hope that we were able to prepare them a little bit for that day. They are wonderful people. After losing those three investigators, the number of lessons we taught dropped like crazy. This week was lots of walking around...talking to people on the street...knocking a few doors...rarely entering a house...all in the blazing hot sun...with absolutely no wind. The good news? We found three new future investigators this week through our efforts...two of them (sisters) are awesome and we put a baptismal date during the first lesson and they both accepted! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet with them since because the daughter of one of them is really sick and they've been in the hospital. They're not sure what's wrong. We have a lesson with them tomorrow though planned.

The other lady we found in a super sketchy district in Rawson. There's lots of drinking that goes on there...and this week we had our first REAL encounter with some drunk men! Wahooo. Not really...the thing about the people here is that they're obsessed with the United States...and when they see the green eyes (dead give away since EVERYONE here has brown eyes), they become obsessed with ME. The two drunk men were no different. They wanted to talk about basketball and kept telling me how pretty I was. Unfortunately, we couldn't just leave because we were talking to the lady whose husband is in prison and is having a really hard time and wants to listen to our message. I'll be honest...I was freaked out. I decided I don't much like drunk men. Hahahaha.

Last P-day we went to Trelew and played with all the missionaries. It was so fun. We mostly played volleyball. It's so nice to have a break and enjoy a fun day with the missionaries. Last Friday night we had a ward talent show!! So much fun. I, however, got roped into doing a skit with the missionaries. I was a fairy. I'll tell you, I did not sign up for this part of being a missionary. Hahaha...still don't like acting. Not one bit. It wasn't too bad though. The members are soo kind. So are the other missionaries:)

So, on Saturday, we visited a lady who is not a member of the church. She isn't open to listen to the missionaries, but we helped her weed her yard. Well, it was more like demolish. The weeds and grass were at least a foot high, and so we were mostly taking everything out...Argentina style. In other words, we used KITCHEN KNIVES. Let's just say that weed wacking took on a whole new meaning for me this week. Crazy Argentines! Holy nutso...I've never in my life seen anything like it. Hahaha...Hermana Delfina Carcamo was there helping too. Let me tell you about her. She is 85 years old. Has no teeth. Is absolutely adorable. Anyway, she was bent over for a solid hour and thirty minutes wacking at the weeds and pulling them out without taking a single break to stand up. Woah. Don't forget she's 85 YEARS OLD! companion and I were very impressed.

This week is transfers...;( Sad day. Elder Dominguez (the mini missionary from Rio Gallegos - further south in Argentina) leaves tonight. He's so great. We'll miss him for sure. I think our district leader, Elder Elliz, will probably leave too. Who knows!  Oh, and we didn't end up starting classes of English this week. Next week for sure though!!

Yesterday for lunch we had an ASADA. I don't know if I've told you about asadas in Argentina, but it's basically a barbecue...with like 5 or 6 courses of meat and NOTHING else. So, a meal of all meat. Yesterday we had some mashed potatoes to go with it, but very few. Oh, and they always drink soda here. I'm not sure I like it. But, oh well, they do it so they don't drink from the tap. I guess that's a good thing for us:)

So, funniest story of the week? Here goes. You're gonna need your scriptures. Woah...I'm totally a missionary, huh? HAhahaha. Anyway, our district leader calls us every night to see how our day went and to make sure we're okay. Sweet, right? Anyway, one of the nights this week, Elder Elliz told me to read Mormon 8:3 before going to bed. I happily agreed, excited to know what it said. As I was getting into bed that night, I pulled out my Spanish scriptures and read it (Go ahead and read the scripture). A little freaked out, I pulled out my English scriptures to make sure I understood. Yes, I had understood perfectly. What the? Confused and a little bit sad, I went to bed. The next night when Elder Elliz called to see how we were, I asked why on earth he would tell me to read that scripture before going to bed. Trigger the nightmares in 3..2..1 right? Well, after talking a little bit more, we realized that the scripture he meant to tell me was MORONI 8:3. I read Mormon 8:3 to him over the phone and he DIED laughing. Then we read Moroni 8:3 over the phone together. He still claims that he said Moroni the first time, but it's not true. I know what I heard. made for a good laugh. :)

So, several people have asked how or if the people ever say my last name. Well, they do. Or at least they try:) Sometimes it's Hermana Heat. Other times it's Hermana Hit. I've also heard Hermana Heert. And sometimes Hermana Hate. It's very possible that I'll forget my own last name before the end of the mission. Hahaha. Too funny. It's always fun to listen to people try and see what they come up with:)

To answer a few questions: Mom...nope, no recollection at all of SeƱora Dantes, although I'm sure she's great! I'm sure she's great! hahaha...and Andrew Seegmiller? Is he my age? I don't think so but I'm not positive...

Also, you asked about the toilets. They're quite a sight. In Argentina we can't flush toilet paper because it clogs the toilets. I saw my first toilet with a flush handle a few weeks ago and thought I was in heaven. The others you have to pull the little thingy on the inside. It's always an adventure for me trying to figure out how to flush each toilet since they're all a little bit different. Hahaha...the joys of third world countries! Nahh, it's not too bad though. At least we HAVE toilets. I'm not complaining:)

Matthew (aka Mr. Smarty Pants). I hope you know that you are exactly the kid that I hated in my calculus class. Who get's 100% on a calculus test? ESPECIALLY chapter 4?! Wait until chapter 9's a beast as well. But way to go, bud!! I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. You've always done really well in school.

Kimberly! Haha...personal history. It's a beast. Better get started!! I hope you're doing well and enjoying school and TDT! I think about you all the time and wish I could be at your performances!! You'll have to make sure mom videos some so I can watch them when I get home!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week and a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  At first, when I was thinking about all of you gathered together eating loads of yummy food...I was a little bit sad and just a tiny bit homesick, but then I laughed at myself and realized that every day is Thanksgiving in Argentina if we judge it by the amount of food we're expected to eat at lunch! Hahaha...sigh. If only that was a joke. Well, I love you all soo much. Give everyone hugs for me this weekend! President Rogers birthday is this Thursday....haha...that was random, but we'll probably call him and wish him a happy birthday (and thanksgiving:)) Oh, and Hermana Cortes says thank you for the birthday wishes!

I love you forever and always!!

Chau chau!!
Hermana Heath

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