Monday, November 4, 2013

Crazy and Wonderful First week in Rawson!

Hola Familia!!

I have approximately 15 minutes this morning to tell you about my entire week since we´re running late this morning. We´re heading into the city of Trelew in about 40 minutes to spend the day with our zone and celebrate our zone leader Elder Holland´s birthday. It should be a fun day...but don´t worry we´ll be back out on the streets by 6:00pm sharp!

So, I´m not gonna go through each individual day because one, it will take too long, and two, I can´t remember the days...haha.

I don't remember if I told you anything about the mission leader here in Rawson. His name is Hermano Chemin. He and his wife are AMAZING! We got to eat lunch with them yesterday because the family that was supposed to feed us was out of town. Hermano Chemin has been a member for several years and has an awesome testimony of the gospel. He's so supportive and has confidence in me. He's kind and a giant teddy bear. He takes such good care of us and always tells us to call him whenever we need something - a ride to an appointment, food, etc. He's my dad in the mission. Imagine the best dad in the whole wide world (I'll give you a hint: he's about 5'10"...dark hair...light eyes...if I remember correctly he's a chiropractor? he has 4 awesome kids and a son-in-law...ringing any bells?). Anyway, picture him, and Hermano Chemin is almost that great.'s a funny story for to the mission home in Comodoro, tried to use my converter...NOTHING. My converter is officially no use to me here in Argentina. Nothing will turn on with it...I think the fuse is messed up or something because my things will turn on with other converters. Basically, I bought a new blow dryer and stuff for my hair here, and then I just charge my camera each week at the internet cafe. I can plug it into the computers and it charges without me having to turn it on so I should be fine:)

Oh, pension is on the street     and     in Rawson. That's as much as I can get you. The addresses here are pretty much non-existent. People give directions by saying "keep going for two more streets, then turn right, at the casino turn left, then go up the hill and there's a bad dog on the right side of the road and I live over there in that area." Awesome. So...street contacting pretty much helps us none because no one knows their actual addresses or the names of streets.

Some more good times from this week....let's start with FOOD. So, in Argentina, they eat lunch at 1:30PM and then they don't eat again until breakfast. But, that one meal is GIGANTIC. The members feed us everyday and I cannot eat as much as they want me to. I pretty much dread going to lunch everyday. On Wednesday we ate with a part member family and the mom, bless her heart, just kept giving me more and soon as we left we went back to the pension and I threw it all up. Good times. After I felt fine but my desire to never eat again was pretty high. Anyway, I have had pretty much no appetite since I got to Argentina...which is really bad because like I said, these people feed us SO much. The thing that drives me the most nuts is that they eat a healthy amount of food while I´m expected to eat enough for all of Argentina and half of China. Yesterday I could only eat 6 small ravioli things at lunch after fasting since 1:30pm the day before. I don't know what it is but I'm never ever hungry. I don't want to offend anyone because the food is great, but I just can't eat that much.

Sooo...wanna hear why we're running late this morning? Although my district leader just told me I still have 20's still a good story. 6:30AM...alarm goes off just like every other morning for the last two months. My companion jumps up and starts the washing machine (I use that term VERY loosely.) which already has all of her clothes in and is ready to go and then goes into the kitchen. I roll onto my knees and begin my morning prayer. About halfway through, I was suddenly kneeling in a puddle of water. I turned around to see water GUSHING from the washer. I quickly called my companion, but by the time she got the water stopped our pension was flooded. Booyah. She accidentally let the tube that drains the washer lay on the ground. Good thing people don't believe in carpet in Argentina, but still, there was water EVERYWHERE. It was not the best morning. I luckily got my suitcases off the ground and onto my bed before they got wet, but my companion was not so lucky (as her things were closer to the washer). The good news is the floor is really clean. The bad news is everything is still VERY wet and I didn't get to wash my clothes...hopefully tonight I'll have time. So, when we finally got enough of our pension free of water, we sat down to study, and what did I do? I ate the ice cream sandwich dad sent me when I was at the MTC. Weirdest thing ever, but pretty good:) Haha...don't even get me started on all the joys of our pension. Haha...the kitchen floods every time we shower, but that's easy to fix because we just let the water run out the front door...still obnoxious though. The floor is NEVER EVER DRY.

So, apparently Halloween was this last week. I completely forgot until like 8:00 that night when I saw a few people in costumes. So, no mom, people don't celebrate Halloween here:)

Last Monday was sooo fun. After emailing our families, the six missionaries in our zone went to the chapel where the Elders made us lunch which was surprisingly really good. After lunch we played soccer with a few ward members...I think there were about 10 of us in total. Unfortunately for me, I was playing with all Argentines. Not my best plan. I am ashamed to say I didn't help my team much, but it was really fun anyway. Actually, I did score one goal now that I think about it. When we played basketball, it was a different story. Being one of the few who actually knows the rules to basketball, it was a lot of fun.

Ohhh and on Saturday we visited with the lady who owns our pension. She and her granddaughters were at the house...they're MASSIVE One Direction fans. Let's just say we became fast friends:) They're so cute and nearly DIED when they heard I went to the One Direction concert. Too funny.

Last night, Hermana Cortes and I were walking back to our pension and we saw a lady pushing her car along the road while her husband sat inside steering. (why he was in and she was pushing...I don't know) but we helped her push the car until we found someone willing to jump it. The cars here are so tiny and funny looking and they're surprisingly light, so we were running down the street with a car...good times.

I LOVE SUNDAYS! Yesterday I had to bear my testimony in church along with my companion and the new Elder that came. It was way cool and like I've mentioned before, the ward members here are AMAZING!! I never wanna leave:)

Anyway, that's all I can think of as of now. I'm out of time and am realizing that this is the most scattered letter ever, but hopefully you enjoyed it anyway:) I love Argentina. I love the culture. Love the people. Language is still hard, but I love it too. Love the dogs. The milk tastes funny, but it's not awful. They have a dessert here called ensalada fruta (fruit salad) except it's a lie because it's really a soup...something liquid with some fruit in it. Crazy Argentines:) Haha..I love it!

I love you all and I think about you all the time. I show people pictures of you when they ask...which is A LOT. Haha...anyway, I hope you're all well:) Thanks for the prayers and support!!

Forever and Always!

Hermana Heath

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