Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is Amy Joining the Penguins?

Hola Familia!

How's it goin'?  Today (Friday, October 11) has been a fantastic day.  Why, you ask?  No big deal or anything, but our TRAVEL PLANS CAME TODAY!  So, at lunch when we checked the mail together (fingers crossed because we thought those plans were arriving today) there they were.  A stack of 10 small packets that determined our fate.  The lucky ones from my district going straight to Argentina are Elder Scruggs, Elder Merenluoto, Elder Woodall, Elder Butts, Elder Goodwin, Hermana Ward and Hermana Kuhn.  Elder Jo is going to San Fernando California, and so that's cool :)  Elder Rallison doesn't know about his travel plans yet but he's going to Colombia anyway.  As for me?  KENTUCKY!!  Who called it?  I did!!  I guess we just didn't get my visa stuff in early enough.  But anyway, I'm really excited!  I leave on October 23rd...two days after everyone else in my district.

Okay, so confession.  My visa DID come through and I am going to Argentina with all the missionaries in my district!  (Elder Jo actually got called to Cali)  However, Hermana Kuhn and I fly together and we do leave the day after... actually two days after the rest of our district.  We have to be at the travel office at 7:30AM on the 23rd (is that a wednesday?) but our flight doesn't leave until 12:30PM.  We connect in Dallas to Buenos Aires.  12 and a half hour flight.  That's just to Buenos Aires.  That's where the list of flights ends.  Unfortunately, comodoro is 1,093ish miles from Buenos Aires.  21 hour bus ride anyone?  I sincerely hope they fly us, but as of right now we're going by bus.  I might die.  The good news is that I have at least a couple hours at the Salt Lake Airport & a four hour layover in Dallas when we can talk.  I hope I can take a disposable cell!!  I've got loads to tell you.

Anyway, there are 8 comodoro missionaries in my group, and another group of 8 going to comodoro too.  I think we're all on the same flight just different "groups."  Probably easier to keep track of the missionaries for the travel leader.  Who knows.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the exciting news! :)  Gotta go!

I love you all!

Love forever and always

Hermana Heath

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  1. That is so exciting! Except the 21 hour bus drive :) I can't wait to hear what it is like in Comodoro.